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Technology: PC’s are going to be Obsolete

For those of you who are enjoying your newest  Kindle, iPad, or Note, the good news is that you already have the technology of the future.  Google believes the future is in handheld devices with merging Android with Chrome.  Google will merge the two platforms to create technology that will lead the future of handhelds and tablets.

The Future of Google (and Tech): Phones and Computers Are Converging

So what does this mean for the personal home computer? Looks likes its already becoming as extinct as the dinosaurs did thousands of years ago. Technology and current social media trends have dictated this move towards portable handheld devices for the last 3-4 years. One day, out of the blue, that “comet” (Google)  will take out those big bulky PC’s just like the comet wiped out an entire species.

Personally, I believe this is going to happen in a year or two. Don’t you dare say you weren’t warned! You know who you are; you are the one’s who refuse to give up on that home PC, desktop, whatever you want to call it; who also believes owning a flip phone is still high technology. Time to retire those old mammoths and make room for a new Galaxy Note or an iPad.


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2 thoughts on “Technology: PC’s are going to be Obsolete

    1. Yea the new smart phones are just like a tablet/computer so the “home computer” will slowly phase itself out. Thanks Grant for commenting! 🙂

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