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Do you really know what your neighbor is up too?

You BBQ together, you mow your lawns, you have parties at each others homes, but do you really know what your neighbor is doing? I had to blog about this; the link is a video of the black man who is all three women’s hero. These girls were each taken and held against their will for approximately 10 years. What is most shameful is this mans neighbor got away with this for YEARS. Watch the video; it’s so sad but also somewhat funny as the hero is quite a character. šŸ™‚


I am the person who gives excellent advice. Yes, I am that good! I am a writer, a mom, a Nana (yes hard to believe I know!), a professional, educated, and has the ability to look at anything objectively. I write about everything and anything. I do this because there are many facets in my life. I am also a Coffee Lover and that alone makes me awesome. ~Me

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