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Review: Iron Man 3


Happy Mother’s Day to all the lucky Mom’s and Grandmothers!

Today, I surprised my Mom by taking her to see Iron Man 3 in 3D. Boy was she surprised! Considering it had been years since she has been to a 3D movie; the glasses then, were in blue and red. Mom loved this movie even though she had not seen the first or second one. (HUH?)  Of course, I didn’t know this until the movie was over. LOL Now she wants to see more movies in 3D and the first two Iron Man’s.

Robert Downey Jr.  and Gwyneth Paltrow are true to their characters as Tony Stark and Pepper Potts. Guy Pierce plays the bad guy as Dr. Aldrich Killian, who many years prior was jaded by Tony Stark at a New Years Eve party while attempting to get Stark to invest in his newest technology; changing peoples DNA to become superhuman. Years later, Dr. Aldrich returns to show Pepper his newest technological advancements, which Stark Enterprises are not interested in; this rejection just fuels his bitterness against Stark.

Directed by Shane Black, Iron Man 3 rock and rolls in this great action movie with non-stop visual graphics and rich characters. The story is well done and fitting for the Iron Man franchise. The movie is long at 2 hrs 20 minutes but doesn’t disappoint. You are soon absorbed into Starks life and his many issues.  Tony Stark is his normal crazy, humorous, multi billionaire self with a more “humanistic hero” approach. The 3D parts were “good” nothing really spectacular but good enough to enhance. Truthfully Iron Man 3 would have been great with or without the 3D part.

Overall, I would have to conclude, this is a good way to spend Mother’s Day. I loved that I was able to spend this day with Mom and also surprise her with something that she would not normally do for herself.  Go see this movie if you are a fan of this franchise. It’s worth the price to see it on the big screen.


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