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OJ Simpson wants Out? Are you kidding me?

This morning I happened to be watching Good Morning America and  a story of O.J. Simpson attempting to get out of jail early caught my attention. I am not even going to categorize this as “news” as this man doesn’t deserve anything from society or the justice system. Nor is he considered “news” in my opinion.  This man is unbelievable in what he demands and asks for from our legal system. Whats worst is our justice system gives in to him! WOW! I wonder if all prisoners can make the same petition? Or maybe its the simple fact that he WAS a football legend, who possessed enough money to buy his freedom or just very shady attorney’s who doesn’t care if a murderer goes free as long as they get paid.

OMG are you kidding me? This man killed his ex-wife; gets off on technicalities; then, years later, was ACTUALLY convicted of burglary and kidnapping crimes. Now he believes he should get out of jail early because he doesn’t get enough vegetables and has gotten fat eating prison food. LOL I thought prisoners just worked out all day; guess that’s a myth in his case. That famous glove definitely wouldn’t fit him now.  Simpson also wants to do a tour (unbelievable) to target law students about his famous murder case. Simpson believes his murder case was the most controversial ever. Maybe Simpson is right about his murder case being the most famous ever. Maybe he should teach law students how to beat the legal system and he should be MADE to do this FREE of charge and on his own dime.  Cause you know Simpson will sure enough charge people to hear him talk.  You know he may even write another book about how to go to jail;  and get out while beating the legal system. AGAIN!

What does this say about out justice system? (shaking my head) Simpson should serve his time like any other prisoner. Simpson does not deserve to get out of jail early because prison food sucks or any other excuses. Prison food should suck! How can anyone trust an attorney or the legal system when individuals like Simpson get way with murder and then some? Sigh…rant complete!

Here is the actually story I seen:

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