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Review: Fast & Furious 6


Kell Kell’s Rating: 9/10

Went to see Fast & Furious 6 and I was not disappointed. What’s not to like? This is one of those guilty pleasures everyone should treat themselves too. Each time I see a Fast and Furious movie I am transported to another dimension where real life is left at the movie theaters doors; isn’t that what going to movies is about? The Fast & Furious 6 will hook you from the very beginning.

Directed by: Justin Lin

Written by: Chris Morgan

Characters by: Gary Scott Thompson

Movie Time: 130 min (2hrs 10 min)

Movie Budget: $160,000,000

Opening Weekend: $97,375,245

To Date:  $202,945,735 as of June 7, 2013

The movie is written with a decent plot that fits the Furious Franchise and delivers in high “impossible” action and fantastic car scenes. The cars are awesome and fast. Some of the action scenes could never happen in real life, but this is ok, as Fast & Furious 6  is just a great movie and not real life. The story line is easy to follow but somewhat unbelievable since real criminals don’t lead glamourous, high action lives; with millions of dollars. This movie has it all from romance to high action to the typical fast cars with bad boy, comical characters. There is a balance of humor, action, seriousness, and a sense of family.

The main characters Dominic (Dom) Toretto  (Vin Diesel),  Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker), and Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) work well together and at some points are rather funny but on point. The additional support characters are excellent and include Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia (Jordana Brewster), Han (Sung Kang), Gisele, (Gal Gadot), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), and Tej (Ludacris). Michelle Rodriquez comes back to the Fast Franchise and her previous death is explained well enough to be believable. Gibson and Ludacris are hilarious and add the right amount humor and silliness to have the movie goers laughing. If the Fast Franchise is to continue, they will definitely need to keep the same actors. Remember Tokyo Drift? Hmmmm…you see what happened when they replaced the entire cast; bad bad bad!

Spoiler Alert: One support character dies. YES! And another support character dies after the the movie is over and the credits start. Yep, its true! Also, there will be a 7 and just like they added Dwayne Johnson to the Franchise they are going to be adding another action star to the mix for Fast 7. Go see the movie to find out who that actor is and remember to stay for the credits; You wont have to wait long to see the extension.


I am the person who gives excellent advice. Yes, I am that good! I am a writer, a mom, a Nana (yes hard to believe I know!), a professional, educated, and has the ability to look at anything objectively. I write about everything and anything. I do this because there are many facets in my life. I am also a Coffee Lover and that alone makes me awesome. ~Me

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