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The Worse 4-Letter Word Ever!


To me this word is worse than the F-bomb. Who else hates the word diet? I mean who came up with the word diet? Where does the word come from? Is there another meaning? (Probably not) I am sure this word means RESTRICTED EATING. Ugh! To be fair I did do a little research on the word “diet” and this is what I found…

The root word of diet is diaeta (Latin) and diaita (Greek). Both names got there origin in the 14th Century with the first known use of the word “diet” in 1963.  Both the Latin and Greek versions define this word as “a manner of living” (diaeta) and “to lead one’s life” (diaita). One version of diet stated “a formal deliberative assembly of princes or estates”.  Another reference to this word is “something provided or experienced repeatedly”. Yet, the most famous use of the word diet states “food and drink regularly provided or consumed” and “the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason”.  The later parts must have been added in 1963. LOL When the model Twiggy was starting to become famous. This along with a change in pop culture regarding “lifestyle” changes where every woman wanted to be bony, stick thin like the model Twiggy. Who would have thought?

In the world today, the meaning of diet is limiting one’s intake of food to accomplish weight loss goals/desires. Personally, that word means RESTRICTIVE EATING. Yes, I capitalized those words! I much prefer the Latin and Greek meanings of  “a manner of living” and “to lead one’s life”. Both of these meanings mention nothing about food consumption. How is it that we get off changing the meaning of root words to fit something evil and negative? Sigh…

All I have to say is I do not like the word diet. You are likely to hear me refer to my life changes as making “healthier choices” and “lifestyle changes”.  Oh wait, this does mean I do understand the root word diet as a manner of living to lead ones life. Ha! Take that you evil mean person who created the RESTRICTIVE EATING word diet!

Rant Complete! 🙂

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