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Review: Man of Steel in 3D


Kell Kell’s Rating: 10/10

Went to see Man of Steel yesterday with my Mom who kindly bought our tickets (thanks Mom!) and boy was I glad I did. What a terrific movie! Have to admit I was a little skeptical as I was a fan of the older Superman Franchise but this new Franchise is going to work just fine for me. This is the must-see movie of the summer!

Directed By:  Zack Synder

Written By: David S. Goyer & Christopher Nolan

Superman Created By: Jerry Siegal & Joe Shuster

Movie Time: 143 min or  2hrs 23 min.

Movie Budget: $225,000,000

Opening Weekend: $113,080,000

To Date: $125,080,000 as of June 14, 2013

The movie is written with a plot fitting of the Superman Franchise and takes the Franchise to a whole new level. The storyline is superb with a lot of history in how Superman came to be and what happened to his home planet. This movie made me believe good overcomes evil. The computer graphics are awesome with a lot of the action scenes, so well done, you do not notice its not real. Superman has a humanistic approach even though there is a high sci fi feel with a family orientation that blends into the movie well enough that it sneaks up on you. The only romance is the one of Lois Lane as she is rescued a few times and he kisses her. There is nothing inappropriate for younger viewers in this regard. However, be aware that if you take your children (younger than 10 yrs.) that there is heavy action and violence. There is no humor in this movie; but there is a humbleness or maybe its gentleness, in the main character that makes him all the more the Man of Steel. The 3D graphics are very good but not too overt.

The main characters are all interesting and well acted. Maybe this was because of the all-star casting. The evil characters are really good at being evil LOL and non sympathetic to the human “earthly” race. The important thing for this Franchise now is to keep as much of the original cast as possible going forward. I truly believe this is the mistake that most Franchises make. Remember the new Spidey without Toby McGuire? We can forgive the Superman Franchise for replacing Christopher Reeves (for obvious and sympathetic reasons) but don’t pull a “spidey” after making this awesome movie.

All I got to say is Henry Cavill is the new Man of Steel! Oh and he looks really good in that form fitting suit. Sigh…


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