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Review: World War Z PG13


Kell Kell’s Rating: 8.5/10

Do you like the end of the world type of movies? Being a fan of anything relating to zombies or apocalyptic stories, I had to see this movie. I went to see this movie with a very good friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. We both like the unusual, “end of the world” – “zombies” sci-fi type of movies. This movie had me sitting on the end of my seat at one point.

Directed By: Marc Forster

Original Novel By: Max Brooks

Movie Time: 116 min or 1 hr.  56 min.

Movie Budget: $190,000,000

Opening Weekend: $66,411,834

To Date: $165,831,036  (As of  July 10, 2013)

World War Z is great visually. With stunning graphics and a great story line, this movie “pops” with non-stop, edge of your seat, suspense and action. However, I can understand why not everyone likes this movie. World War Z is not your typical zombie movie. The movie has no real blood and guts; and relies more on the story itself to lead. The Jerusalem wall scene is AWESOME with brilliant stunning effects and is visually appealing.

I gave World War Z an 8.5 because there was no blood and guts. I know this may sound strange but when you go to see a zombie movie you are expecting some gore. I also know the story line was different from the book. The main actor, Brad Pitt, is overall great but there was no real emotion at times with his “set” family.  Maybe this is because he is married? Is he married? LOL Who knows!

This is not the summer blockbuster movie, however, World War Z is worth the price of admission.


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