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Dear married men: You make it complicated!


Dear Married Men:

What are you doing? Are you just crazy? I mean what kind of man is married and on a dating website, looking for sex with the status of “It’s Complicated”? Of course, some of you don’t even hide the fact that your married or with a partner. To be fair, maybe you and wifey poo want to see others and wifey poo likes the open marriage. I am almost certainly certain most married women do not want their husbands cheating on them. So what are you doing contacting real single women who are ready for a committed relationship?

Lets be honest here; all you want is just sex since wifey poo doesn’t “cut it anymore”. Or maybe, she is tired of you so you decide to release that emotional hurt by creating a profile on a dating site? Oh wait, you want to be friends only? Whats it hurt to have a few female friends right? YOUR asking for a world of hurt. Your playing with fire and you know it.

Marriage or commitment as whole is no longer a positive standard. It’s really sad since some of you take vows in a church before God. I am a single woman seeking someone for a long-term relationship why would I want to be with any married man when he is committed (legally at least) to another? As a single woman I deserve to have someone in my life who is not encumbered with a wife and or a partner. I deserve to be number one and not put aside because wifey poo needs you at home.  So disrespectful all away around. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Dear Women Who Gets Involved With Married Men:

Any woman who even gets involved with a married man is asking for trouble or at the very least, a lot of hurt. Do you not realize that he will not leave his wife for you? And even if he did the statistics are clear on this; he will also cheat on you. Think about this; he cheats on his wife with you and leaves her for you. What is to stop him from doing the same thing to you? His behavior of cheating is not cured with you.

Have more respect for yourself please and simply do not be charmed by the married man. Realize that if you do get involved you could be causing a world of hurt and pain not only to yourself but to the cheaters family. Trust me you don’t want that on your conscience. Plus, you deserve someone better. Someone who will treat you like a queen not as an after thought when he has the time (and only wants to see you when the family is visiting grandma/grandpa).

Bottom Line: 

It starts out as something lacking emotionally in men. Yes, men are emotional-which is not a bad thing.  Men are simply not as strong as we used to think ladies. They are easily swayed in one direction or another. It’s VERY rare to find the kind of love like in the movie The Notebook where love prevails in the real sense. In todays time a movie needs to made called “Married with Friend Benefits”.  GEEZ!

Here are the signs he is CHEATING:

!1. Will get extremely defensive when you ask him if he has been unfaithful.

2. Will not look you in the eyes.

3. Decreased sexual desire for you and or decreased intimacy. This is because he is getting it elsewhere.

4.  His general feelings for you have changed. Examples: He doesn’t rush home after work to see you and he is avoiding you.

5. Has a lot of female friends. Yep, this one is the one they defend the most! It’s funny how married men on DATING SITES get extremely defensive about this excuse. At the very end of the Psychology Today article are stats, from the dating site, about what is expected from male/female friendships.


I am the person who gives excellent advice. Yes, I am that good! I am a writer, a mom, a Nana (yes hard to believe I know!), a professional, educated, and has the ability to look at anything objectively. I write about everything and anything. I do this because there are many facets in my life. I am also a Coffee Lover and that alone makes me awesome. ~Me

4 thoughts on “Dear married men: You make it complicated!

  1. Fairytale romances don’t exist, so you are correct Kelly in saying “it’s VERY rare to find the kind of love like in the movie The Notebook where love prevails in the real sense.”

  2. There are 7 billion people on the planet, just under half are men. If they are jerks, round them off. Meanwhile, that’s got be a huge dating pool. Keep trying. 🙂

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