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Review: World War Z PG13

World War Z just came out on DVD! Go rent this movie as it’s awesome! See my review for details. Enjoy!

Kelly Garton


Kell Kell’s Rating: 8.5/10

Do you like the end of the world type of movies? Being a fan of anything relating to zombies or apocalyptic stories, I had to see this movie. I went to see this movie with a very good friend of mine a couple of weeks ago. We both like the unusual, “end of the world” – “zombies” sci-fi type of movies. This movie had me sitting on the end of my seat at one point.

Directed By: Marc Forster

Original Novel By: Max Brooks

Movie Time: 116 min or 1 hr.  56 min.

Movie Budget: $190,000,000

Opening Weekend: $66,411,834

To Date: $165,831,036  (As of  July 10, 2013)

World War Z is great visually. With stunning graphics and a great story line, this movie “pops” with non-stop, edge of your seat, suspense and action. However, I can understand why not everyone likes this movie. World War Z is not your typical zombie movie…

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