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RANT: Michelle Obama and Spying on U.S. Citizens!

What is going on now a days? We seem to live in a world that is not the same. While I get that change happens, I just can’t understand some things. One of these things is why the government shut down a couple of months ago. I mean seriously? (saying this with emphasis!) Personally, I think the government did this to save money at the expense of everyday hard-working Americans. Or may be it was a distraction from something else going on. For instance…


Whats up with the first lady needing all these attendants? See link Canada Free Press for more information. The president and his wife are not royalty and should not be equivalent to such. Now, don’t get me wrong I do respect Obama. He is no different from other presidents who have tried and tried to make real change happen. But at what cost? Why should the president’s wife have 20+ people on staff that has nothing to do with the taxpayers whom they both serve? Oh wait, sorry, correction; they don’t serve the tax payer; the tax payer’s serve them.

This to me is excessive spending and Mr. President needs to take his special scalpel (remember when Obama said this running for President the first time?) to his wife’s spending habits. Period. As a tax payer who pays their staff I think I have a right to voice my opinion.

Bonus Rant:

How is the government able to maintain spying on its citizens if it was going broke? Seriously, how can the government be monitoring the population and afford this also at the expense of the taxpayer?

See this article in the  Canada Free Press website about spying on U.S Citizens.

See this article for why the government is using smartphones to spy on you from the  Washington’s Blog.

See this article in regards to the U.S. Government spying on world citizens from


Now I am not one for big conspiracy theories or that I am so important that anyone would want to spy on me. But why even spy? Last I checked I still lived in a free county (or so I think anyway) and my taxes went to pay the very individuals who are doing the spying. To me this is outrageous and should be stopped immediately for everyday tax paying Americans.

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2 thoughts on “RANT: Michelle Obama and Spying on U.S. Citizens!

    1. LOL Thanks Grant. Interesting video LOL
      Yea we are being watched for no reason really. Or maybe there is an ultimate plan. Who knows. But what gets me is that over 20 people (last count 26) serve the first lady with taxpayer money. I want all my tax money back!

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