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Online Romance Weirdness

True Story: I met a man online who believed he was in love with me after only chatting and talking on the phone for 2 days. I was shocked when this man started using the “L” word right away. I must be going crazy as “the times” sure have changed if a person can be in love with someone before he or she even talks to each other.


Disclosure: this man in the pic is not  the man I chatted/talked with. This is a random crazy pic to make you think about online romances. LOL

I can understand how my words inspire many. I have a gift and I am truly not being arrogant when I say I do have a way with words. Google+ is my newest venue for my writings even more so than my blog lately.

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This began when I said thank you to this man who was always +1’ing  my posts. I was being nice. Then we began chatting in Hangouts. At this point he seemed relatively harmless so I suggested we talk on the phone. Since the man in question lives in Hawaii, I was ok talking on the phone. It’s not like he was close enough to come knocking at my door.

Within two phone calls he was saying how in love he was with me and he claimed I was also in love with him; yet not able to express this to him verbally yet. Are you kidding me? I still laugh when I think about it. What man actually believes that I could say I am in love with someone I have barely begun to know?

The Ending: This ended rather abruptly as it began. I simply texted him telling him I do not have time for this.  He went off of course, and I  realized how lucky I was that I never actually met this psycho.

I never said I loved him.

I want to state that I am not against meeting someone online. In fact, I believe I will meet my next mate from an online venue. I just feel that this peticular person was crazy to fall in love so quickly. It makes me wonder if this person was so desperate that they would say anything just to be in love again. I mean we all crave someone special. I am a great person to know and I do want a man to be in love with me. When this happens for me I want to know he really loves me because he has taken the time to really really really know me.

This man has his own blog and even went off saying how crazy I was so I thought I would respond. As a woman I will always have the last word. Ha!


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I am the person who gives excellent advice. Yes, I am that good! I am a writer, a mom, a Nana (yes hard to believe I know!), a professional, educated, and has the ability to look at anything objectively. I write about everything and anything. I do this because there are many facets in my life. I am also a Coffee Lover and that alone makes me awesome. ~Me

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