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Set Your Mind on God


When we set our hearts and minds on God then everything else in life falls into place accordingly. I have found this to be true on many occasions even when I am going through something that is very challenging. The key is waiting for God to move even when we want things to happen; like yesterday. ~Me


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Does Decaf Have a Purpose?


Decaffeinated coffee really doesn’t have a purpose.

Sad but true.

Unless maybe you are trying to be a CoffeeLover.

Real Coffee Lovers drink hot delicious bold coffee with the normal amounts of caffeine.

Coffee Haters are probably drinking Decaf. LOL Haha! ~Me

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Can men and women be friends?

The old adage is true: the number of true friends you have can be counted on one hand. A true friend is an effortless relationship in a judgement free zone. True friends share the good and the bad in each others life. You are moral support for each other. A real friend is rare. You’ve known this best friend forever. This best friend happens to be a member of the opposite sex.

Can you only be friends with him or her?


For the most part women tend to be more honest in opposite sex friendships than men. Men tend to view women on a sexual level. Why? Well, the experts say it is because men are wired different from women. The results are this; men will at some point want to be more than friends with a female friend or at the very least “think” about having sex with her. Women will stay with a male friend (non-sexual) for the emotional and physical support he may give. Women will put their male friends in the “friend zone” which men hate.

There are exceptions though. For those that are true friends here is a list of what to look for if your friend of either sex wants more in the relationship.

How do you identify if your really only a friend?

~If you get jealous of your friend around another of the opposite sex. This means that if you feel possessive of the relationship to the point that you do not want your friend to have opposite sex relationships than you look at this person as more than a friend.

~You want to spend unusual amounts of time with this person. Friends don’t plan or focus on times spent together. So if you want to spend more than the average of once or twice a week with your friend than you maybe wanting more than friendship.

~You’re physically attracted to your friend. This is sort of no-brainer. If you look at your friend and think they are hot and would love to see more of him or her than you are definitely looking at your friend as more than a friend.

~You daydream about your friend in a romantic way. Daydreaming about your friend in a romantic sense is actually more common than people realize. This does not mean that you want to be with that person sexually but you do need evaluate why you are thinking that way to begin with. Maybe it is time to have a conversation with your friend about taking the friendship to another level.

The bottom line is this: Men who say they can be friends with a woman and ONLY be friends maybe trying to hide the fact he is attracted to his female friend (s). Unless the man is gay. Sorry guys but if you don’t believe me just click on the links from the pro’s.


~Psychology Today: Can men and women be just friends?

~Huffington Post: Can men and women be “just friends”?

~Watch this video showing men admitting they want to be more than friends

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No Coffee Haters Allowed!


Coffee Lovers live everywhere.

Coffee Haters could never understand but then again this is why they are haters.

Coffee Haters are just miserable because for whatever reason they cannot have coffee.

No one wants to be around a Coffee Hater but a Coffee Lover is always welcome anywhere.

LOL Haha ~Me

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Dear Coffee


Dear coffee,

You are the cream in my coffee; the sweetness of every morning.

You are delicious and bold and each morning I am thankful for your existence.

I need you always and everyday.

As a  Coffee Lover I crave you every morning.

Coffee you bring brightness into my day.

Thank you coffee for being awesome. ~Me

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Coffee Art in Action

This is coffee art in action.

There is no one who would not want this cup of coffee.

Coffee Lovers understand this and would pay for this tiny cup of heaven.

Coffee Haters cannot understand the concept of  a tiny cup of heaven.

Coffee Haters need good coffee art to make he or she smile more.  ~Me


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True Coffee Lovers Need Espresso



Espresso…the best coffee type for Coffee Lovers.

A true Coffee Lover needs espresso every now and then if not daily.

Coffee is awesome like that!

Good morning! ~Me

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The DarkSide of Coffee is Light!


The darkside is awesome if coffee is involved.

However, coffee is goodness and as such it is part of the light of deliciousness.

Coffee Lovers love the darkness of coffee but also know that coffee is the light of every Coffee Lover. ~Me

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Coffee Lovers Understand


Coffee Lovers live everywhere. Coffee Haters could never understand but then again this is why they are haters. No one wants to be around a Coffee Hater but a Coffee Lover is always welcome anywhere. LOL Haha ~Me

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Do men really want brains over beauty?

do not fall

Do men really want brains over beauty? Come on now, no man really believes that being with an intelligent/confident woman is better than being with a beautiful/hotbodied woman. Men cannot help attraction. I personally think it’s an excuse but, whatever.  I think you guys want to have your cake and eat it too but sometimes it goes way wrong for you. Which is just punishment when you choose wrong.

Emotional justice happens when a man passes you over for another women who may have a better body or she is younger or she is  just generally better looking than you only to find out that woman is a complete and utter bitch. As a fat girl I do not have this problem in regards to being beautiful. I know I am! I am humble like that. haha!


In my past dating relationships I have met men who were only with me until someone better came along. Now while you maybe thinking, “why would you ever put up with that?” or “don’t you have more respect for yourself?” or even  “why would you even date someone like that?”

Those are all valid questions, however no woman can answer these as some men are very good at hiding their true intentions. But as for me, I figure the players out rather quickly. The first date usually tells me everything I need to know.  Some men are really good at hiding these intentions and it will take another date or two to figure out the real reason you want to date. Sex. It’s always about sex.

Dont get me wrong, sex is good. Sex is something everyone enjoys and if you don’t than there is something wrong with you. Not even being a fat girl keeps me from enjoying sex. Sex is great and should be enjoyed at any body size. Men make women feel inadequate during sex. They do this by how they react to seeing a woman in her birthday suit. They do this by making comments like “you could lose a few pounds” or “if you had bigger boobs that would be so sexy”. Its statements like that which make women feel less than adequate.

Hey guys! Just so you know, we ladies already feel inadequate enough without you making it worse. You say you want brains over beauty or that intelligence matters more than body size but this is bullshit. Plain and simple bullshit. If you really chose brains over beauty than you would already be married; you would already be happy; you would be with the one who would give you everything.

Instead you choose a hot body and a pretty face with no happiness. If you’re not happy you have no one to blame but yourself.


Rant complete!