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Maya Angelou: A Great Writer and Poet


The world is now mourning the loss of one of the greatest poets in history. Maya Angelou is deceased at 86. She inspired many in her poetry with heartfelt honesty. This great lady is known for her writings, quotes, and many poems worldwide. She will be missed greatly.

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” ~Maya Angelou


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Amazon will take over with the Fire TV

Amazon Kindle vice president Peter Larsen TV Fire box

Before there was online shopping there was Amazon.

Before there was iPads there was the Kindle.

Amazon will rule with Fire TV!

Amazon is launching their Fire TV and if this is successful then you and I can get this great little device for around $99.00. This will definately be competitive especially where Apple TV is concerned. Google dominates right now with the the Google Chrome because of price.

This device will instantly link to Amazon’s massive library of movies and TV series.  Pair this with using Amazon Prime and Amazon has a recipe for success.


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Christians! Its time to take a stand!

Dear Fellow Christians,

It’s time to take a stand! I know you have probably heard this many times but there is a movement to destroy Christian values and our religious rights. What I am asking all Christians to do is to not be afraid to proclaim your faith in God, the most awesome Father, and His son Jesus. Some of you may or may not know that I am a Christian. I say this loudly. Many people in my life are not Christians nor do they believe the way I do and that’s ok as we live in a diverse country with many beliefs. However, there is an ideal that I am not entitled to “my voice” because of the fact that I am a Christian.


There is also a stigma that being a Christian makes you “weak-minded” which is ignorant of the people whom actually believe this. This is why it’s time for Christian’s all around the world to take a stand. Yes, I was actually called “weak-minded” for being a Christian. It’s almost laughable really.

Over the past couple of months, the Duck Dynasty show has come under attack because of some statements Phil Robertson stated pertaining to sin and sinful lifestyles. Now, I have never watched Duck Dynasty but I understand what Robertson is saying. Robertson is being attacked simply because he is a Christian and expressing Christian beliefs publicly. The LGBT communities have all been in an uproar over Robertson’s comments regarding sinful lifestyles. Why? I have no clue. If there was one group I believed to be more tolerant of all beliefs, it would be the LGBT communities. Personally, this has affected me. A friend of mine is gay. This friend took offense to the fact that I agreed with Phil Robertson. What I find most amazing is this individual can go on and on about the LGBT lifestyle, beliefs, new laws etc.. but yet cannot respect another view that is different from his.


This friend ended up asking me to leave his home which I did. This hurt bad, but I took a stand.  The Holman Christian Standard Bible states in Matthew 10:22 “You will be hated by everyone because of My name. But the one who endures to the end will be delivered.” This verse has a new meaning to me. I realized when leaving my friend’s home that even people I love and care for will hate me for being a Christian. It is extremely important that traditional Christian values and beliefs are upheld just as any other religious organization or group. I forgive my friend for his intolerance of my beliefs and values and still respect his. Him and I used to agree to disagree but in this case, he wont budge…which deeply saddens me.

In summary, I am asking all Christians to take a stand. Take a stand for what is right and just. Take a stand for Jesus our Savior that came here as a man to die on the cross for mine and your many sins. Take a stand when your beliefs and values are challenged and be prepared to discuss those beliefs and values and what they represent to you in respectful way.

A question to think about: Would you defend the Savior to those that oppose Christian beliefs, values, and the Word of God?

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Online Dating Scam: How to avoid them

Dating Scam

How do you avoid an online dating scam? There is a prevalent online dating scam where individuals steal or use, illegally, someones image(s) to make you fall in love with them online. The results of this type of scam can be devastating for the victim financially. The most impacted: 70% women 40 yrs. old plus/30% men. Women are the main targets. The current and most prevalent dating scam is the Nigerian Dating Scam.

You meet the perfect guy or girl. They say all the right things and have this endearing way that makes you feel on cloud nine. You really think you know them and they become a part of your very existence. You call them even though they are in a foreign country because what is more important true love or money? You make plans to meet and or eventually to spend your life with this person. You even make plans to relocate all in the name of true love. And of course the person you are “falling in love” with is a wealthy business person so money is of no object.

Now during the time of maybe one or two months, the love of your life, whom you have never met will tell you something like this, “I have great news! I got this new project that is going to set us up for many years. I am so excited but I have to travel to another country in order to complete the project.” or something of this caliber. Of course, you believe you have hit the jackpot because not only do you have the love of your life, you will have financial security too. You are so happy that you encourage the trip and want to be a support in any way possible.

Fast forward to the love of your life in another country. They are working hard to ensure a great future for you and maybe even the child he or she has. Then one day out of the blue you get a text or phone call from them stating they are in trouble. Their equipment did not come in and cannot clear customs; or they are hurt and in a hospital or any number of other reasons. You are the only person who can rescue them and of course, you want to help. They ask you for financial assistance; of course, this is only temporary since they will pay you back when the project is complete or whatever excuse they give. They need $5,000.00 and even though this is a hardship for you, once again you’re in love and the love of your life is in trouble; what’s money compared to this?

You clean out what little savings you have and may even call your credit card company to borrow enough funds to wire the funds to help the love of your life. This is the beginning of the never-ending cycle of you sending money. They will continue to ask for money until you have nothing left to give. When you tell them that you cannot send anymore funds they will be very upset and accuse you of not loving them enough and disappear. You are out all the money you have sent and they simply disappear. Your left with emotional heartache as well as you thought this was the love of your life.


This is the most common scam. Some men and women will spend months if not a year getting to know this person online and never really knowing if they are real or not. You wont have no clue what their agenda truly is until they ask for money. Yea, they can be pretty slick.

Best Advise:

Do not send or wire money to anyone you have never met in person. If the love of your life does not understand this, then they are not the love of your life. Get rid of them ASAP.

Do not give out credit card or bank account information to anyone. Once again if they are asking for this information and you have never met this person than you can bet its a scam to steal your money.

When meeting someone online never trust that person, even if you have talked to them for a long period of time. This is one way to protect yourself and if they are real they will respect that stance.

Do not give out personal information on social networks. I am leery of this myself since I am a public figure. It is very important that until you actually meet and get to know the person you should  keep certain parts of your life private. This includes what you share on Facebook, Google+, and any other social site that this person may also have an account with.

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Government Shutdown? Are you kidding me!

English: United States Capitol in daylight
English: United States Capitol in daylight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know what, this is not going to be an organized post because I just can’t stand the thought of the United States Government keeping employees from being paid while a law was passed to ensure “pertinent” government officials still get paid. I think this is outrageous! Why should employees of the federal government not get paid while politicians eat good and have all the extras? If your reading this and you’re an American, doesn’t this make you angry? If not, it SHOULD!

 First of all, what gives any politicians the right to get paid while other “non important” employees are going to wonder if they will receive a paycheck or not? These people have families and would like to eat and pay their bills! You, and I am speaking to all politicians, are NOT that important that you need your income. All politicians make more than any average employee just barely surviving. You should be the FIRST to relinquish your paycheck. That’s called decency and looking out for the very people whom you serve. We don’t serve you, you serve the people. Foreign concept to you I am sure!

Shame on you, all of you, in positions of authority. What has happened to America that we no longer take care of the poor? In this case I mean anyone that is considered middle class and lower. Was not the United States Government suppose to SERVE THE PEOPLE? The people do not serve the Government! Was not the Government instituted to protect, serve, and lead with fairness? This is why the United States has a Constitution; this is why the United States has a Declaration of Independence; this is why we have a Bill of Rights.

 As an American, I say to my President, “The American people expect you to defend us and to ensure our safety and wellbeing. If the people cannot afford to eat or pay their mortgages, then you should not eat or be able to pay your mortgage. You should be the first to forfeit your salary and any additional extras you receive as an elected official. SHAME on you for letting this happen!”

 As an American, I say to my Congress, “If you can’t pay your employees then you don’t deserve your pay either! You forget you serve the people, not the other way around. You have no right to use our tax dollars for your agenda’s. Make this right and make this right FAST. That’s what you have been PAID to do. SHAME on you too for letting this happen!”

As an American, I say to the people of the United States, “Its time to stop this. We need to start electing decent, HUMBLE, serving individuals who have the people’s best interest at heart; even at their own expense. Only we can stop this nonsense. If we do nothing, then they will continue to get away with using our tax dollars for their purposes. Which in this case is to pay their salaries while hardworking, decent Americans will not get paid. The time is now to stand up and make your voice heard!”

Bottom Line:

The people do not serve the Government; the Government serves the people. Make this right and make it right FAST and while you’re doing it do not cut salaries of hard-working employees, cut yours first. Stop playing the blame game and make this right…now!

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Meet your new $100 Franklin! Release Date 10/8/13

Its coming…I wonder when banks will start putting them out. The bill has a lot of new security features and a kewl new look. Counterfeiters will have a field day with this new bill!
Have a great week everyone!

Kelly Garton


Meet your new (US) $100 bill-Release Date 10/8/13

The U.S. Treasury will release the new $100 bill in October 2013.

Check out the link to see a short video and some of the newest features.

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Hey Fat People! You Have a Disease!


If your fat, you now have a disease. Yep its true! The American Medical Association (AMA) has determined that anyone with a BMI of 30 or higher has a disease. Wow! As if the majority of people aren’t depressed enough merely being overweight, now you have a disease. Notice I did not use the word obese as I cannot stand that word; I prefer overweight.

I have to rant about this as I am one of those that woke up one day with this “disease”. For those of you that has never had issues with weight , you will not understand why this affects approximately 80 million Americans (this includes children). Here is, as Clint Eastwood would say; the good, the bad, and the ugly of this issue.

The Good

All individuals struggling with weight issues can see his or her doctor and insurance will have to pay for any treatment weight related. This is great news when in the past weight related procedures have not been covered and patients would have to pay for expenses out of pocket.

This also means that all lines of business cannot be discriminatory against individuals who are overweight. Equivocate this to what lines of business have to adhere to for individuals with disabilities. Can anyone say lawsuit if otherwise?

The Bad

A lot of politicians and physicians endorsed the labeling because he or she owns stock in “certain” big pharma companies and wouldn’t you know it; they (big pharma) just happen to be ready to prescribe you a few new drugs to help you in your weight loss journey. I mean you have a disease and big pharma wants to “help” you achieve this by giving you drugs that will surely help you loose weight. However, because of these drugs you now have other issues. But hey, your skinny now so what does it matter that you now have permanent heart issues? (yes being sarcastic here).

The Ugly

Now we get to the ugly part. You know in the movie, this was the thief; the one who could not be trusted. Well LOL trust is the key here. The AMA believes that the people of the USA should trust their judgement in helping our country get healthier. Are you kidding me? A lot of these physicians have no experience in weight related anything let alone much of a nutritional education. Click on the links as the research has been done as to what kind of “education” physicians have when it comes to nutrition education.

Oh and don’t forget that there is a teeny tiny thing you had better pay attention too whether your skinny or fat. You will be accountable to your kids health too. Because children do not know the value of good nutrition unless taught otherwise, parents will have to ensure that their children are not overweight. I guess this means no more every other night pizza deliveries for the family or no more excuses of “I don’t have time to cook, lets just go to Micky D’s”. Don’t say you have not been warned!


To be fair, our government/physicians/big pharma are attempting to help individuals who are seriously overweight. But you can bet one if not all three are going to profit because YOU are overweight. Here is some lifestyle changes I am currently doing to lose weight safely.

1. Get rid of fast food and anything processed.

2. Eat less (only what you can fit into the palm of your hand).

3. Drink LOTS of water.


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Dreaming of Winning the Lottery?

Were you dreaming of winning the lottery?

Well you can dash those dreams for now as it looks like the biggest jackpot in history has went to the lone ticket holder in Florida. Well isn’t he/she special?


What could a person do with a couple hundred million? Buy an island and hide?

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Do you really know what your neighbor is up too?

You BBQ together, you mow your lawns, you have parties at each others homes, but do you really know what your neighbor is doing? I had to blog about this; the link is a video of the black man who is all three women’s hero. These girls were each taken and held against their will for approximately 10 years. What is most shameful is this mans neighbor got away with this for YEARS. Watch the video; it’s so sad but also somewhat funny as the hero is quite a character. 🙂

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Organic Meats are BEST!


In a recent New York Times article By Stephanie Strom, the meats we are buying and consuming in supermarkets have serious health risks. In a joint effort conducted in 2011 and 2012 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Agricultural Department are finding antibiotic resistant forms of bacteria in our everyday meats. Samples of ground turkey, beef, chicken, and pork were found to contain E.coli, salmonella, and campylobacter.  WOW!  This is all due to the use of antibiotics in animals, which over time and consistent consumption, form a resistance to these superbugs. Now you know why we are not immune to colds, flu’s and other strains of bacteria.

You have been warned!

Over the last few years, I have felt the need to consume less than the recommended amounts of  meat that the FDA recommends (more in vegetarian form). Maybe this is my body’s way of telling me to go organic, or maybe my body just knows what I need and don’t need. Regardless, I have started paying attention to even the smallest cues from my body. I would suggest anyone reading this article RETHINK what meats you buy and from whom. Personally, I will be going all organic when possible or look for packaging that states, “grain fed, no antibiotics”.

Here is the Article: