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Do men really want brains over beauty?

do not fall

Do men really want brains over beauty? Come on now, no man really believes that being with an intelligent/confident woman is better than being with a beautiful/hotbodied woman. Men cannot help attraction. I personally think it’s an excuse but, whatever.  I think you guys want to have your cake and eat it too but sometimes it goes way wrong for you. Which is just punishment when you choose wrong.

Emotional justice happens when a man passes you over for another women who may have a better body or she is younger or she is  just generally better looking than you only to find out that woman is a complete and utter bitch. As a fat girl I do not have this problem in regards to being beautiful. I know I am! I am humble like that. haha!


In my past dating relationships I have met men who were only with me until someone better came along. Now while you maybe thinking, “why would you ever put up with that?” or “don’t you have more respect for yourself?” or even  “why would you even date someone like that?”

Those are all valid questions, however no woman can answer these as some men are very good at hiding their true intentions. But as for me, I figure the players out rather quickly. The first date usually tells me everything I need to know.  Some men are really good at hiding these intentions and it will take another date or two to figure out the real reason you want to date. Sex. It’s always about sex.

Dont get me wrong, sex is good. Sex is something everyone enjoys and if you don’t than there is something wrong with you. Not even being a fat girl keeps me from enjoying sex. Sex is great and should be enjoyed at any body size. Men make women feel inadequate during sex. They do this by how they react to seeing a woman in her birthday suit. They do this by making comments like “you could lose a few pounds” or “if you had bigger boobs that would be so sexy”. Its statements like that which make women feel less than adequate.

Hey guys! Just so you know, we ladies already feel inadequate enough without you making it worse. You say you want brains over beauty or that intelligence matters more than body size but this is bullshit. Plain and simple bullshit. If you really chose brains over beauty than you would already be married; you would already be happy; you would be with the one who would give you everything.

Instead you choose a hot body and a pretty face with no happiness. If you’re not happy you have no one to blame but yourself.


Rant complete!


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Online Romance Weirdness

True Story: I met a man online who believed he was in love with me after only chatting and talking on the phone for 2 days. I was shocked when this man started using the “L” word right away. I must be going crazy as “the times” sure have changed if a person can be in love with someone before he or she even talks to each other.


Disclosure: this man in the pic is not  the man I chatted/talked with. This is a random crazy pic to make you think about online romances. LOL

I can understand how my words inspire many. I have a gift and I am truly not being arrogant when I say I do have a way with words. Google+ is my newest venue for my writings even more so than my blog lately.

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This began when I said thank you to this man who was always +1’ing  my posts. I was being nice. Then we began chatting in Hangouts. At this point he seemed relatively harmless so I suggested we talk on the phone. Since the man in question lives in Hawaii, I was ok talking on the phone. It’s not like he was close enough to come knocking at my door.

Within two phone calls he was saying how in love he was with me and he claimed I was also in love with him; yet not able to express this to him verbally yet. Are you kidding me? I still laugh when I think about it. What man actually believes that I could say I am in love with someone I have barely begun to know?

The Ending: This ended rather abruptly as it began. I simply texted him telling him I do not have time for this.  He went off of course, and I  realized how lucky I was that I never actually met this psycho.

I never said I loved him.

I want to state that I am not against meeting someone online. In fact, I believe I will meet my next mate from an online venue. I just feel that this peticular person was crazy to fall in love so quickly. It makes me wonder if this person was so desperate that they would say anything just to be in love again. I mean we all crave someone special. I am a great person to know and I do want a man to be in love with me. When this happens for me I want to know he really loves me because he has taken the time to really really really know me.

This man has his own blog and even went off saying how crazy I was so I thought I would respond. As a woman I will always have the last word. Ha!


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Men and Sexting-GEEZ!

What is up with males now-a-days? I am getting tired of your games. I mean seriously what are you up too by calling or texting me here and there wanting to maintain contact but not taking it to the next level? I think some of you have too many options. I wrote about this earlier in the year because men really do get to know more than one woman at a time. Now while I understand this concept, no matter how stupid it is, I know I make it clear that I am not about games and am looking for real love.


So what are you doing? You play games. Why?

Let’s see, a most recent example was just last week. I met a guy the weekend before last who I went out and had a nice time with. This man now texts every now and then but states to me just this past weekend he had a “guy” night planned. Really? I didn’t even know guys planned “guy nights”. Come on do you think I am stupid? A “guy night” on a Saturday night? LOL Maybe one of those “many options” was at the “guys night out” event.

So I did a little experiment with him. I decided to start texting him  all sexual on Monday. What do they call this…ummm sexting? LOL And behold all the sudden I have his attention again. Are all men this predictable? You mention sex or anything regarding great sex and all the sudden your phone is blasted with all kinds of communication. No matter how busy he was previous now he is texting like crazy. He is also all the sudden wanting to get together again. Nice. LOL

There is another guy who called me last night. Yea, the same night I was “sexting” with my newest friend. LOL I ignored his call at first until he started texting why I was not answering his call. So I called him. I asked him why he and I only communicate like once a month or there bouts. He stated to me, ” I get into moods like The Grinch, where I don’t want to talk with anyone.” Uh huh? LOL I mean you have got to be kidding me. Makes me wonder how many options you have as well, considering at 10:30pm he stated all the sudden he had to go since his mother was calling him. LOL Right! Probably one of those “options” trying to get his attention too.

I just don’t get what you guys are up too. Women like myself have options too. I guess I am more the kind of woman who wants a ONE-ON-ONE type of relationship with limited options if any at all. I prefer to save all my sexy hotness for one lucky man. Why do men feel the need to cat around? Is there any man who just wants to get to know ONE woman?


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RANT: Michelle Obama and Spying on U.S. Citizens!

What is going on now a days? We seem to live in a world that is not the same. While I get that change happens, I just can’t understand some things. One of these things is why the government shut down a couple of months ago. I mean seriously? (saying this with emphasis!) Personally, I think the government did this to save money at the expense of everyday hard-working Americans. Or may be it was a distraction from something else going on. For instance…


Whats up with the first lady needing all these attendants? See link Canada Free Press for more information. The president and his wife are not royalty and should not be equivalent to such. Now, don’t get me wrong I do respect Obama. He is no different from other presidents who have tried and tried to make real change happen. But at what cost? Why should the president’s wife have 20+ people on staff that has nothing to do with the taxpayers whom they both serve? Oh wait, sorry, correction; they don’t serve the tax payer; the tax payer’s serve them.

This to me is excessive spending and Mr. President needs to take his special scalpel (remember when Obama said this running for President the first time?) to his wife’s spending habits. Period. As a tax payer who pays their staff I think I have a right to voice my opinion.

Bonus Rant:

How is the government able to maintain spying on its citizens if it was going broke? Seriously, how can the government be monitoring the population and afford this also at the expense of the taxpayer?

See this article in the  Canada Free Press website about spying on U.S Citizens.

See this article for why the government is using smartphones to spy on you from the  Washington’s Blog.

See this article in regards to the U.S. Government spying on world citizens from


Now I am not one for big conspiracy theories or that I am so important that anyone would want to spy on me. But why even spy? Last I checked I still lived in a free county (or so I think anyway) and my taxes went to pay the very individuals who are doing the spying. To me this is outrageous and should be stopped immediately for everyday tax paying Americans.

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Does real love exist anymore?


I was talking with a couple of co-worker’s yesterday about love and if real love still exists. What I heard was a little disturbing as there is this mind-set in younger individuals that its ok to cheat on their spouses, significant others, or girlfriends/boyfriends because of the want for something “different”. What? Are you kidding me? Maybe I am just old-fashioned but this just blows my mind.

The burning question is does real love exist anymore? A couple of my co-workers laughed when I asked that. You see, what I learned by talking to each is that there are people who really believe it’s ok to cheat because he or she has a “want” for something or someone different even though they are committed to another. I mean why would you want to be with one person when there are many other men and women who enjoy satisfying those “wants”. Of course, with no regard to the people in his or her lives they are hurting. Let’s not even get into the topic of safe sex either. It just grosses me out to think that both men and women will be with another person or person’s without protection. What they don’t realize is that if this person is cheating with you then they are cheating with others. YUK! It’s like a hodge podge for gross microscopic cootie he he bugs to grow and take over your brain and other bodily functions.


From my own personal experiences lately men are always playing. See this recent blog You lie like a rug! about a guy who only wanted to play around and lied about his intentions to me. Seems like men are playing while they are getting to know you and they are playing when they are seeing you. I am supposing that there are too many options to resist temptation see also previous blog called Dating Rant 2: Too Many Options Guys!. I would hate to think that men just go from woman to woman until one brave lone woman actually chains him down and beats him into submission. Oh my, where did that come from? LOL In all seriousness, maybe that’s what it would take.

Upon further conversation with my co-workers, I learned that in this new dating world, playing around is acceptable. What? Looking grief-stricken here. Once again, I guess I am old-fashioned in my thinking but aren’t you suppose to meet someone and fall in love or at the very least, madly in lust; get to know them, and only them? What has happened to real love and romance? Is chivalry and romance dead?

Bottom Line:

The bottom line is this: love is a rarity. If you happen to find love; treasure that love.

This is an interesting article written by a man on Why Chivarly is Dead From a Mans Perspective.

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You lie like a rug!

Yep you suck! I waited a few days before posting this blog because I am respectful and also because I wanted to give this man a chance to apologize for his behavior. However, no apology has been forthcoming so as they say in church, “the truth will set you free”. LOL You suck and you know who you are!


I recently went to meet someone. You know the story, you meet online (who doesn’t anymore?) and I started talking to this goodlooking man (who I thought was an awesome guy). He told me he didn’t care I was a plus size girl and that size is not a factor for him nor does it determine beauty in “his eyes”. He said “beauty is truly within”. LOL right!

This man even asked for recent pics which I sent to him gladly. He told me he couldn’t wait to meet me because I was beautiful. He told me he would be setting “the bar high” and that no other man would or could compare.  LOL OK! We talked every night for hours all week and then he invited me to his place for the weekend. I accepted. I was finally excited to be meeting someone I thought was special.

When I arrived at his place I was excited. I mean after seeking for so long this might be the man for me. I was wrong! Over the course of the weekend I learned you lie like a rug. Yep, I said it, you lie like a rug!

When I showed up at his place I did not bring my stuff in and instead wanted to ensure him and I were “ok” upon meeting. I knew that if I simply just waited I would have my answer soon enough. He was happy and outgoing and said he was glad I was finally here. I told him the same and I knew then this would be a great weekend. I also stated I did not bring my stuff in until I knew he wanted me there as I knew I could simply get in my car and go home. He asked, yes ASKED, me to bring my stuff in and I did. 

Needless to say, this weekend turned out to be an eye opener for me. It finally drives home the fact that I am usually right about “certain” men being players. Yep, deny it all you want but you are a player. This man was just smoother at it because I had no idea he was not even attracted to me. It makes me cringe to think men like this exist. You SUCK!

I will not go on, as I just found out, by him personally, that he was not ever attracted to me. You see I just got through texting him where he admitted that he was not sexually attracted to me yet he sure seemed the opposite during my visit. I guess my indication should have been the standard for this “type of man” who are usually PLAYERS.

And of course, I am right. You are a player! Dating has changed, this is for sure, but why lie like the rug you are? There is a reason you are alone “Mr. I Don’t want my heart-broken”.  Duh! LOL and its laughable that you honestly think anyone of quality would stay with you being this way. You SUCK!

Yea, I am a little pissed and I have every right to be. I did not lie and I was true to everything I said and did. I do not play games and I communicate effectively. So what’s your excuse? Oh wait, you have none! You are a liar and a player. You will get exactly what you give; NOTHING. You do indeed SUCK!

Bonus Rant:

A few previous men I have dated recently contacted me. I am sick of you telling me, “I am the one that got away.”

I am responding to all of you with this, “I am not the the one who got away. I let you go.”

Good riddence!

By the way, you SUCK too!

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Government Shutdown? Are you kidding me!

English: United States Capitol in daylight
English: United States Capitol in daylight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know what, this is not going to be an organized post because I just can’t stand the thought of the United States Government keeping employees from being paid while a law was passed to ensure “pertinent” government officials still get paid. I think this is outrageous! Why should employees of the federal government not get paid while politicians eat good and have all the extras? If your reading this and you’re an American, doesn’t this make you angry? If not, it SHOULD!

 First of all, what gives any politicians the right to get paid while other “non important” employees are going to wonder if they will receive a paycheck or not? These people have families and would like to eat and pay their bills! You, and I am speaking to all politicians, are NOT that important that you need your income. All politicians make more than any average employee just barely surviving. You should be the FIRST to relinquish your paycheck. That’s called decency and looking out for the very people whom you serve. We don’t serve you, you serve the people. Foreign concept to you I am sure!

Shame on you, all of you, in positions of authority. What has happened to America that we no longer take care of the poor? In this case I mean anyone that is considered middle class and lower. Was not the United States Government suppose to SERVE THE PEOPLE? The people do not serve the Government! Was not the Government instituted to protect, serve, and lead with fairness? This is why the United States has a Constitution; this is why the United States has a Declaration of Independence; this is why we have a Bill of Rights.

 As an American, I say to my President, “The American people expect you to defend us and to ensure our safety and wellbeing. If the people cannot afford to eat or pay their mortgages, then you should not eat or be able to pay your mortgage. You should be the first to forfeit your salary and any additional extras you receive as an elected official. SHAME on you for letting this happen!”

 As an American, I say to my Congress, “If you can’t pay your employees then you don’t deserve your pay either! You forget you serve the people, not the other way around. You have no right to use our tax dollars for your agenda’s. Make this right and make this right FAST. That’s what you have been PAID to do. SHAME on you too for letting this happen!”

As an American, I say to the people of the United States, “Its time to stop this. We need to start electing decent, HUMBLE, serving individuals who have the people’s best interest at heart; even at their own expense. Only we can stop this nonsense. If we do nothing, then they will continue to get away with using our tax dollars for their purposes. Which in this case is to pay their salaries while hardworking, decent Americans will not get paid. The time is now to stand up and make your voice heard!”

Bottom Line:

The people do not serve the Government; the Government serves the people. Make this right and make it right FAST and while you’re doing it do not cut salaries of hard-working employees, cut yours first. Stop playing the blame game and make this right…now!

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The New Me Emerging

The new me is emerging in small segments. It should be noted that most people when they start losing weight, make additional lifestyle changes other than losing weight. I am no different. Losing weight opens ‘doors’ and you begin to see that what you put up with originally simply won’t “cut it” anymore.

2013-07-28 12.47.50

One of these changes is getting rid of negative people. Don’t you just hate when you are happy and life is good and then here comes someone who wants you to be miserable by ‘raining on your parade’? Usually this person is someone close to you. Can anyone say “jealous”? It’s sad that some people hate that your so positive about everything because they are so miserable. I refuse to be in the company of people like this anymore. If friends, family, co-workers are negative, I will simply walk away or just smile. Life is really that simple.

Another change is not denying myself any longer. What I mean by this is that I am not moldable to my environment. Now in the past, I used to mold to my environment and make the best of whatever situation. Now if someone is trying to influence my decision, environment, etc, I will state how I feel or give my own perspective. I define it as coming into myself and being ok with who I am and what I want for the future.

The lucky people who know me personally would think the above paragraph is laughable as they would describe me as dominant, highly confident, and always speak my mind. It’s almost funny at how people actually know so little about me. Or maybe it’s that they do not look beyond the superficial aspect of me. Or maybe it’s because in the grand scheme of things they don’t really care.

A person (a man) once told me they thought I was a man hater. LOL It is laughable to even think someone who barely knows me would have this perception of me. I guess I am a man hater because I do not fit a certain “mold” that this person has in their own realm of understanding. Or maybe it’s because I simply will not let a man walk all over me because he has a penis and I have boobies. Who knows?

What is even stranger still is that I am still the same person I was 57lbs ago but just modified. I know what I want and will head towards that goal. Anyone not wanting to be in my life, I will gladly let move on.

Bottom Line:

I just don’t care what others think anymore. As one gets older I do believe this gets easier. Maybe this is why old women wear purple or sexy inappropriate black dresses? Who cares if you think I am pretty or not? Who cares if you don’t approve of my lifestyle/health choices? Who cares if you’re a miserable creatan of a human being who is negative and deserves your own sense of negative karma? Guess what? I don’t care. I will do whatever makes me happy and in doing so will make you look like a “hehe”. (Inside joke those hehe’s.)

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Dear married men: You make it complicated!


Dear Married Men:

What are you doing? Are you just crazy? I mean what kind of man is married and on a dating website, looking for sex with the status of “It’s Complicated”? Of course, some of you don’t even hide the fact that your married or with a partner. To be fair, maybe you and wifey poo want to see others and wifey poo likes the open marriage. I am almost certainly certain most married women do not want their husbands cheating on them. So what are you doing contacting real single women who are ready for a committed relationship?

Lets be honest here; all you want is just sex since wifey poo doesn’t “cut it anymore”. Or maybe, she is tired of you so you decide to release that emotional hurt by creating a profile on a dating site? Oh wait, you want to be friends only? Whats it hurt to have a few female friends right? YOUR asking for a world of hurt. Your playing with fire and you know it.

Marriage or commitment as whole is no longer a positive standard. It’s really sad since some of you take vows in a church before God. I am a single woman seeking someone for a long-term relationship why would I want to be with any married man when he is committed (legally at least) to another? As a single woman I deserve to have someone in my life who is not encumbered with a wife and or a partner. I deserve to be number one and not put aside because wifey poo needs you at home.  So disrespectful all away around. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Dear Women Who Gets Involved With Married Men:

Any woman who even gets involved with a married man is asking for trouble or at the very least, a lot of hurt. Do you not realize that he will not leave his wife for you? And even if he did the statistics are clear on this; he will also cheat on you. Think about this; he cheats on his wife with you and leaves her for you. What is to stop him from doing the same thing to you? His behavior of cheating is not cured with you.

Have more respect for yourself please and simply do not be charmed by the married man. Realize that if you do get involved you could be causing a world of hurt and pain not only to yourself but to the cheaters family. Trust me you don’t want that on your conscience. Plus, you deserve someone better. Someone who will treat you like a queen not as an after thought when he has the time (and only wants to see you when the family is visiting grandma/grandpa).

Bottom Line: 

It starts out as something lacking emotionally in men. Yes, men are emotional-which is not a bad thing.  Men are simply not as strong as we used to think ladies. They are easily swayed in one direction or another. It’s VERY rare to find the kind of love like in the movie The Notebook where love prevails in the real sense. In todays time a movie needs to made called “Married with Friend Benefits”.  GEEZ!

Here are the signs he is CHEATING:

!1. Will get extremely defensive when you ask him if he has been unfaithful.

2. Will not look you in the eyes.

3. Decreased sexual desire for you and or decreased intimacy. This is because he is getting it elsewhere.

4.  His general feelings for you have changed. Examples: He doesn’t rush home after work to see you and he is avoiding you.

5. Has a lot of female friends. Yep, this one is the one they defend the most! It’s funny how married men on DATING SITES get extremely defensive about this excuse. At the very end of the Psychology Today article are stats, from the dating site, about what is expected from male/female friendships.

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A love affair with donuts…Yum!

An assortment of Krispy Kreme donuts.
An assortment of Krispy Kreme donuts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So this past weekend I am going through the junk mail fliers and all the suddenly I see the perfect coupon; “Free Krispy Kreme donut of your choice”.  YES! I have just won the donut lottery! In that moment I wanted all of my neighbors junk mail so I could get those coupons.  What’s wrong with having 20 or 30 free donut coupons? LOL That’s like one free donut everyday for a month!

Ohhhh the taste. Ohhhh the smell. Ohhhh the Krispy Kreme donuts! Who doesn’t like Krispy Kreme donuts?

You, yes YOU, know what I am talking about. Americans have a love affair with donuts. I have a love affair with donuts. There are not many people who don’t love donuts.

What’s not to love about them? The first bite is like meeting a new lover. You see the donut; it’s a cream filled, dark chocolate topped, angel from heaven. It’s even swirled with caramel for added deliciousness. Inspecting the donut you can’t wait to get to know the donut bite by bite. The smell is like heaven to the nostrils. It’s intoxicating!

That first kiss is like taking that first bite. The tongue tingled with the sensation of deliciousness as the first bite makes you close your eyes and say, “This is so sinfully delicious.” In that moment, which is approximately 1-2 minutes (since you cannot put the donut down until its satisfyingly all in your tummy) you’re in the “love affair zone”.

The Edinburgh residents in Scotland can appreciate the delicacy that is only known through Krispy Kreme donuts.  The new Edinburgh Krispy Kreme store opened in February 2013 with the population waiting hours just to get their first taste of this American treat. One resident stated he took a bus and then a taxi to get to the new store, only to wait an additional hour or two to sample the deliciousness. But one resident did not mind waiting as Krispy Kreme provided free donuts while people waited. Aren’t they just “sweet” like that?

Below are the very donuts I bought. They are from the new “Caramel Chocolate line”. I am showing you this as I am not ashamed that I bought 3 donuts. I probably did not need to eat two of them at once (yes, I saved one for the next day-but trust me it was HARD LOL).

I know some of you may be thinking, “She’s crazy, she can’t eat donuts and still lose weight.” The key here is one (or two-opps). Not 4 or 5. Which is very easy to do since this “lover” is quick into the tummy with a backlash of yum yum yumminess that you can still taste long after the donut is gone. (Kissing my finger tips into the air like an Italian).


Nutritional Info – Krispy Kreme Caramel Chocolate Chip Cake Donut (75g) 
Calories – 280 (from Fat – 150)
Fat – 16g (Saturated Fat – 7g)
Sodium – 310mg
Carbs – 31g (Sugar – 15g)
Protein – 3g

Nutritional Info – Krispy Kreme Caramel Chocolate Pretzel Donut (98g)
Calories – 420 (from Fat – 220)
Fat – 24g (Saturated Fat – 11g)
Sodium – 300mg
Carbs – 49g (Sugar – 27g)
Protein – 4g

Nutritional Info – Krispy Kreme Dark Chocolate Caramel Kreme Donut (87g)
Calories – 380 (from Fat – 200)
Fat – 23g (Saturated Fat – 10g)
Sodium – 160mg
Carbs – 42g (Sugar – 25g)
Protein – 4g

Final Word:

There are days when a woman just needs something sweet. You men love donuts too! LOL don’t even deny it! I am not endorsing anyone to go and eat a Krispy Kreme donut however, if you continually deny yourself you will overeat on something worse than a donut or two. With that said I went to see my doctor on Tuesday. She said, “Kelly, your doing great! In fact you have lost 10 lbs since the last time I seen you. Keep doing whatever you’re doing.” YES MA’AM!