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Dating Rant 2: Too Many Options Guys!


Many men message me on MeetMe asking “How is someone as beautiful as you still single?” Good question! Guys you have too many options! That is why I am still single! Or let me put this in another way. Men like to play games and I am not a player.

Guys are always contacting me regarding my single status. Then all the sudden you don’t answer your messages. Why? Two weeks later you message asking what happened? LOL are you kidding me? Two weeks and I have posted new pics and have become more popular. Now you want to get to know me again? And the real insult is that you barely remember what we talked about the first time. REALLY GUYS?

I know what the problem is…men have too many options! You get on MeetMe where there are 1000’s of women online who you are contacting and/or they you. You meet someone like myself and probably really like someone like myself but you also like all the additional “attention” 10, 20, or 30  other women are giving you. So you start getting to know them too. While I really don’t care, in the grand scheme of “getting-to-know-you-phase” what you do or who you do it with, if I know you play games, I will simply let you move on to other pastures to sow your wild oats.

What’s sad is that there is not one man I have gotten to know lately that is disciplined enough to wait for someone special. Are men really hard-up for any female that they would chase anything that jiggles, wiggles, or smiles their way? Really are you THAT easy? I have standards and I will keep those standards. Don’t you?

Bottom line:

The more you play games the more others will play games with you. It called KARMA.

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Dating Rant 1


Show me an honest male and I will show you a woman who can keep her mouth shut-HA! Please! Do not fool yourself into thinking that people tell the truth. I have been single many years and each time I start “looking” for a male I am confronted with the realization that people just cannot tell the truth. Yes, this is about my personal experience from an online website that I find highly amusing at times as the men can get pretty creative in their “story telling”.

This morning I get on my popular “online dating” site wanting to see if a guy I liked got my message regarding texting and the exchanging of phone numbers.  I gave this man my number since I liked him so far, he was local, we have communicated for a while, and there was (I thought) a genuine interest. This was on the 4th of July.

Now this morning, I get a message from him saying “sorry I lost your number”.  How do you lose a number when it was in an email “type of message” on the site that confirms any kind of deletion, before permanent deletion? LOL  REALLY? I mean come on dude! I know from personal experience that when a man is really interested (and is serious) he will NOT “lose” a womans phone number. Plus, I asked my coworker, after telling him the story, what he thought. He replied by stating, “Men don’t lose phone numbers of women they are really interested in. It’s a fact.”

You want to know what I think happened? There are two scenarios here.

One scenario is that you are “talking” with many woman and you met someone who you really want to get to know (and I bet you didn’t lose their number by accident, of course). Now in this scenario, why would you keep messaging me asking me questions and flirting etc..? Why not just say to me, “You’re a beautiful and nice person, but I have met someone else and would like to get to know them.” It’s really that simple.

The second scenario and most likely one, is that you already have a significant other, or you are married. Now in this scenario if I find out that you lied to me about being single, I am DONE with you. This happens immediately. I do not tolerate liars. Communication stops immediately.

I dated a man a few years ago who said he was single with no kids. We went out on 3 dates total. On each date he would want to get “frisky” (at my place, but never at his).  However, I wont get intimate with someone until I know them VERY well and I have met his friends and family. Well, right after the 3rd date I received a phone call from a woman identifying herself as this mans WIFE. Yes, HIS WIFE. Needless to say, me and her had a very long conversation about her husband and his dating habits. I told her everything regarding my experience with her husband even though she cried a lot. He also had 2 kids…sad someone would deny even their kids.

I can’t stand men who lie…where are the HONEST MEN?

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Hey Fat People! You Have a Disease!


If your fat, you now have a disease. Yep its true! The American Medical Association (AMA) has determined that anyone with a BMI of 30 or higher has a disease. Wow! As if the majority of people aren’t depressed enough merely being overweight, now you have a disease. Notice I did not use the word obese as I cannot stand that word; I prefer overweight.

I have to rant about this as I am one of those that woke up one day with this “disease”. For those of you that has never had issues with weight , you will not understand why this affects approximately 80 million Americans (this includes children). Here is, as Clint Eastwood would say; the good, the bad, and the ugly of this issue.

The Good

All individuals struggling with weight issues can see his or her doctor and insurance will have to pay for any treatment weight related. This is great news when in the past weight related procedures have not been covered and patients would have to pay for expenses out of pocket.

This also means that all lines of business cannot be discriminatory against individuals who are overweight. Equivocate this to what lines of business have to adhere to for individuals with disabilities. Can anyone say lawsuit if otherwise?

The Bad

A lot of politicians and physicians endorsed the labeling because he or she owns stock in “certain” big pharma companies and wouldn’t you know it; they (big pharma) just happen to be ready to prescribe you a few new drugs to help you in your weight loss journey. I mean you have a disease and big pharma wants to “help” you achieve this by giving you drugs that will surely help you loose weight. However, because of these drugs you now have other issues. But hey, your skinny now so what does it matter that you now have permanent heart issues? (yes being sarcastic here).

The Ugly

Now we get to the ugly part. You know in the movie, this was the thief; the one who could not be trusted. Well LOL trust is the key here. The AMA believes that the people of the USA should trust their judgement in helping our country get healthier. Are you kidding me? A lot of these physicians have no experience in weight related anything let alone much of a nutritional education. Click on the links as the research has been done as to what kind of “education” physicians have when it comes to nutrition education.

Oh and don’t forget that there is a teeny tiny thing you had better pay attention too whether your skinny or fat. You will be accountable to your kids health too. Because children do not know the value of good nutrition unless taught otherwise, parents will have to ensure that their children are not overweight. I guess this means no more every other night pizza deliveries for the family or no more excuses of “I don’t have time to cook, lets just go to Micky D’s”. Don’t say you have not been warned!


To be fair, our government/physicians/big pharma are attempting to help individuals who are seriously overweight. But you can bet one if not all three are going to profit because YOU are overweight. Here is some lifestyle changes I am currently doing to lose weight safely.

1. Get rid of fast food and anything processed.

2. Eat less (only what you can fit into the palm of your hand).

3. Drink LOTS of water.


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The Worse 4-Letter Word Ever!


To me this word is worse than the F-bomb. Who else hates the word diet? I mean who came up with the word diet? Where does the word come from? Is there another meaning? (Probably not) I am sure this word means RESTRICTED EATING. Ugh! To be fair I did do a little research on the word “diet” and this is what I found…

The root word of diet is diaeta (Latin) and diaita (Greek). Both names got there origin in the 14th Century with the first known use of the word “diet” in 1963.  Both the Latin and Greek versions define this word as “a manner of living” (diaeta) and “to lead one’s life” (diaita). One version of diet stated “a formal deliberative assembly of princes or estates”.  Another reference to this word is “something provided or experienced repeatedly”. Yet, the most famous use of the word diet states “food and drink regularly provided or consumed” and “the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason”.  The later parts must have been added in 1963. LOL When the model Twiggy was starting to become famous. This along with a change in pop culture regarding “lifestyle” changes where every woman wanted to be bony, stick thin like the model Twiggy. Who would have thought?

In the world today, the meaning of diet is limiting one’s intake of food to accomplish weight loss goals/desires. Personally, that word means RESTRICTIVE EATING. Yes, I capitalized those words! I much prefer the Latin and Greek meanings of  “a manner of living” and “to lead one’s life”. Both of these meanings mention nothing about food consumption. How is it that we get off changing the meaning of root words to fit something evil and negative? Sigh…

All I have to say is I do not like the word diet. You are likely to hear me refer to my life changes as making “healthier choices” and “lifestyle changes”.  Oh wait, this does mean I do understand the root word diet as a manner of living to lead ones life. Ha! Take that you evil mean person who created the RESTRICTIVE EATING word diet!

Rant Complete! 🙂

Links to Research:



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Are You Kidding Me?

pigging out1

What is up with people blogging about restricted diets? I mean seriously how can you live like that? Do you not realize that at some point you are going to “break” and just eat anything and everything that is unhealthy for you anyway? Read on for the rest of this Healthy Living rant! Oh and I have a “Bonus Rant” too! LOL

I was going through some suggested blog sites here on WordPress and two sites came up immediately. I am clicking on them thinking they would have some excellent advise on eating healthy. Instead I get these pics of what they ate on certain days. Some of these pics looked liked vomit on a plate or in a cup (smoothie) and on this peticular day that “vomit” was their treat.  Ugh! Are you kidding me? The highlight of the week for this blogger was using a carrot shredding sprial machine LOL to be added to some sort of bare assed salad that wouldn’t feed a mouse in China. I’m sorry but that wasn’t very appetizing, it was more like starvation. You know this blogger at some point is sneaking in a candy bar or over indulging in chocolate whipped creme in the coat closet. Ha!

I will be the first to admit that I do not always eat the healthiest but at least I enjoy my food and not restrict myself to the point that I would eat anything in abundance. I believe this is important as I have already proven that an individual can eat WHATEVER they want; it’s all about portion control. I have lost additional weight now by changing my eating habits to reflect smaller portions. I still enjoy chocolate cake, brownies and cookies when I desire them; I just eat smaller portions. So I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to restrict themselves so much so that one cannot even enjoy a decent lunch or dinner. Don’t even get me started on the “desert” they had from a greek restaurant; to which the blogger replied, “It was too good to eat more than two bites”. Really? Why not no bites? I mean wouldn’t that be the healthiest? (rolling eyes) If I was at a gourmet restaurant in Greece, I would surely enjoy the foods presented to me. Oh and that desert was so little it would not even fit in the palm of my hand. GEEZ!

Bonus Rant! LOL

Europeans (the blogger was European) think American’s are over-indulgent and spoiled. They believe American’s are rude, obnoxious, and loud. They believe we are overweight as a nation because of our lifestyle in eating fast food. Well, they are right about fast food. In their countries there is not an abundance of fast food restaurants as there is in America. Personally, I rarely eat out because I know how bad the food really is, but you won’t see me bad mouthing them. No, in fact I would say kudos’ to them for having a thinner population. But this blogger was extreme to the point that I had to click off the page. To me THAT was insulting.

Since 11/12 to current: I have lost 39 lbs by eating smaller portions of food.

I have lost inches (I don’t measure so I can’t be exact- but its 2 pant sizes)

I sleep so good that I actually feel refreshed in the morning.

Oh, and I don’t hardly exercise either.  I simply hate to exercise!

Bottom line: I think Europeans are rude, obnoxious and spoiled. I also believe they are jealous American gas is cheaper per GALLON then the price of their pathetic liters. This just means I have more $$$ in my pocket to buy me a gourmet cupcake when I want. So there! LOL

Rants complete!

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Liar Liar Pants on Fire!


“Liar liar pants on fire your nose is stuck in a telephone wire!”  LOL We all heard this as kids and we all probably said this on many occasions. Sometimes to be funny and other times because we are upset we caught someone in a lie. What about the lie you tell when asked, “Yes hunny, those pants don’t make you look fat” or “No that new hair style looks great on you.” When the reality is your boyfriend/husband thinks you are fat in anything you wear but wouldn’t dare tell you the truth or that co-worker can’t stand your new hair cut, but because you are their boss, they simply feed your vanity.

Are you able to tell the truth?

Do you find it hard to be honest with people?

Are white lies acceptable?

Simply being honest requires integrity. Just think if everyone told the truth there would be no drama, our government would be unproductive, and our jails would have honest criminals. As if! As a society we thrive on drama, we expect our government to be dishonest, and criminals believe they are always innocent and treated unjustly. Ok so lets take this to a more personal level. How about the wife that cheats on her husband? Is it ok to simply do as one wishes in a marriage and not tell the other person or is it a lie of omission? What if you never found out they cheated? Would it change your relationship? No, life would go on as normal…until you found out.

White lies are just as bad but don’t really hurt as bad if the person finds out that you were not as honest. examples of this include the true color of your hair or telling someone how much you “don’t weigh” LOL Be honest ladies, we NEVER ever tell a man our true weight. One could say white lies only hurt in that they lead to larger lies. I mean if you can’t be honest on a smaller scale how can you be honest on a grander scale?

The simple truth is this; we all lie in some form or fashion. Some are professionals at it like our governing bodies (who would have thought LOL) and others are simply trying to keep from hurting those they profess to care about the most.

Bottom line: when you lie you hurt yourself and those around you. Learn to tell the truth (yep it takes practice). Start with being honest with yourself.


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A New Diet Plan!

 A New Plan!

This looks like a good idea right?

I can make yummy cupcakes for all my friends to make them fatter while I eat none. I get skinnier and they have to hit the gym. LOL

Maybe this is just mean, (Ya think?) but don’t we sometimes feel like this? Be honest, there are times when you wish you were the “skinnier” one or looked better or could out run them; the list could go on and on. I know I feel this way sometimes. There are times when I just want to scream because the weight is just not coming off as fast as I would like. When I get overwhelmed like this I tend to stop and rethink WHY I am feeling this way. Then I realize that I have nothing to worry about as I am simply me; and I like who I am and who I am slowly becoming.

So to all the skinny people; watch out!

I make very good cupcakes! 🙂

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OJ Simpson wants Out? Are you kidding me?

This morning I happened to be watching Good Morning America and  a story of O.J. Simpson attempting to get out of jail early caught my attention. I am not even going to categorize this as “news” as this man doesn’t deserve anything from society or the justice system. Nor is he considered “news” in my opinion.  This man is unbelievable in what he demands and asks for from our legal system. Whats worst is our justice system gives in to him! WOW! I wonder if all prisoners can make the same petition? Or maybe its the simple fact that he WAS a football legend, who possessed enough money to buy his freedom or just very shady attorney’s who doesn’t care if a murderer goes free as long as they get paid.

OMG are you kidding me? This man killed his ex-wife; gets off on technicalities; then, years later, was ACTUALLY convicted of burglary and kidnapping crimes. Now he believes he should get out of jail early because he doesn’t get enough vegetables and has gotten fat eating prison food. LOL I thought prisoners just worked out all day; guess that’s a myth in his case. That famous glove definitely wouldn’t fit him now.  Simpson also wants to do a tour (unbelievable) to target law students about his famous murder case. Simpson believes his murder case was the most controversial ever. Maybe Simpson is right about his murder case being the most famous ever. Maybe he should teach law students how to beat the legal system and he should be MADE to do this FREE of charge and on his own dime.  Cause you know Simpson will sure enough charge people to hear him talk.  You know he may even write another book about how to go to jail;  and get out while beating the legal system. AGAIN!

What does this say about out justice system? (shaking my head) Simpson should serve his time like any other prisoner. Simpson does not deserve to get out of jail early because prison food sucks or any other excuses. Prison food should suck! How can anyone trust an attorney or the legal system when individuals like Simpson get way with murder and then some? Sigh…rant complete!

Here is the actually story I seen:

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Online Dating or in Person?

Ahhhh Spring is here and of course, we (those who are single) want to find the right person.

Who is that person?

How do I meet them?

Where do I meet them?

Currently, there are two choices to meet individuals. One is online on popular sites like, eHarmony, and even There are countless others but these three sites seem to be the most popular.

The other choice is meeting someone in person. Like at a bar or club, through a friend, or even at your local coffee shop or grocery store. One can also meet someone at group speed dating or joining single clubs, groups that travel, go to movies, art exhibits, dinners , etc..

Which one is better? To get to know someone online and take your time while being anonymous or meet someone in person while providing your contact information? In my opinion both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Personally, I enjoy meeting people online. I endorse this more than going to a bar hoping that the hot hunk of man will buy me a drink because he thinks I worth the time and attention. To me meeting someone online is safe, secure, and all from the comfort of my pj’s without getting tipsy. The disadvantage of online meeting is that individuals tend to be less than honest in their descriptions, employment status, age, height, weight, etc…

Someone once said to me, “You better be careful who to meet online as there are a lot of crazies on these internet sites.”  To which I replied, “I believe the crazy ones are the ones who stalk you after you give them a little to much attention with merely a smile; and then you give them your phone number, not knowing that this guy/girl will hunt you down, ruin your life, and come into your home when you least expect them too. To me there is not much difference in meeting someone online or in person. But meeting someone online allows me the time to actually KNOW if I want to provide my contact information”.

I do endorse meeting quality people online. I know meeting someone in person is “considered” safer, but I disagree.  I believe one has to be very careful about who they meet anywhere and take his or her time getting to know the person well before providing too much personal information.


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Why the Name?

2013-07-28 12.50.23

A lot of people have asked me why I named my blog, Fatgirlsblogg. In this blog, I will address why the blog name and the ultimate purpose for my writing here.

Why the name Kell?

First of all, this isn’t a weight loss journey or anything like that. However, in future blogs, good healthy living will be discussed. Oh and I have lost 36 pounds since Nov/12. You really should congratulate me. If you really, really, knew me, you would know its very hard for me to loose weight. And yes, its a thyroid (and ice cream) issue. Of course, there are days when nothing but chocolate “everything” will do and you can forget the salads or anything healthy on those days. Fatgirlsblogg is (to me anyway) hip, bold, and just plain awesome. Plus, I am a fat girl LOL I will admit this honestly. The name fits me currently and the “fun” that will be associated with this blog  (I may change the name to Thingirlsblogg one day-who knows).

The Ultimate Purpose?

To be honest, I started this blog because I am a writer. All of my life I have been told by countless writing professionals that I have a gift. The gift was never used until this point. I am going to begin a new journey in life with writing. My primary purpose is to write novels, articles, blogs, whatever interests me at the time, and to make my living doing what I highly enjoy. I am good at this, my instructors in college never gave my papers below a 100. Many of them stated I should be writing for a living. Yes, I am bragging here. 😉

Now is the time, I mean I am not getting any younger and I want to be famous before I am old; so that hot young men can fawn for me and send me love letters. Good reason right? Oh and who doesn’t want to be popular? I mean there is nothing in the world more complimentary than someone coming up to you while your grocery shopping or running errands and saying, “Are you THE Kell Kell? The one who wrote “that novel” which was made into the mega hit movie I seen last night in the theaters “?  I of course nod yes, I am humble like this. “Can I have your autograph and have this random stranger take a pic of us together?” “Sure”, I state cause I am humble like this once again, plus the dude is hot. Hey, I am female after all!

I may even be the next Stephenie Meyer but better! LOL So you better “like”  and “follow” my awesome blog now!

Oh and if you don’t want pics with me now don’t expect them when I am famous…just saying and meaning! Ha!