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Autumn is Here!


Fall is here! Autumn is the season of cool weather, trees turning bright colors, and leaves, leaves, leaves everywhere. Fall festivals are in full swing and pumpkins are being carved for Halloween. Animals are starting the hibernation process and preparing for winter. Spring and summer are great but fall is just plain awesome. What’s not to love?

The leaves! You know you love the leaves! When my daughter was growing up, we would rake the leaves into big piles. I am not talking about little mounds here and there. I am talking about huge piles that one can jump into and get lost.  That is exactly what my daughter would do, she would jump into the piles and hide. All I would hear is laughing and giggling somewhere in a huge pile of colors.

What is your favorite activity in the fall months? Is it the fall festivals with all the arts and craft vendors? Or maybe its the hay rides you enjoy with friends and family? Is it the fall bonfires that provide excellent opportunities for cuddling, scary stories, and all the gooey treats like smores? Lets not forget Halloween and all the good treats that are given freely. No tricks please!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t enjoy Autumn.

Happy Autumn!

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Happy Independence Day!


On July 4, 1776 the United States said “screw you and all your taxes” to Great Britain by declaring independence. This pivotal day would forever be known as Independence Day. Every American understands, or should understand, what this holiday means and why it is so important. I know I do. Here are some interesting facts about this holiday.

  • John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were the only two signers of the Declaration of Independence to become US Presidents.
  • Thomas Jefferson was the primary author of the Declaration of Independence.
  • In 1778 General George Washington provided double rum (yes alcohol) to his troops on Independence Day.
  • In 1781 Massachusetts was the first state to recognize this day as a holiday or state celebration.
  • In 1820 the first official celebration of the 4th was in Eastport Maine.
  • In 1870 Congress made the 4th an official “unpaid” holiday for government employees.
  • In 1938 Congress changed the “unpaid” to a “paid” holiday for government employees.
  • The Philippines celebrate July 4th as Republic Day.
  • In Rwanda July 4th is celebrated as Liberation Day.
  • The United States is 237 years old.

A BIG THANK YOU to all those that serve in Armed Forces!


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Spring is Here!


Spring is indeed here!

This pic was taken from, of all places, my mom’s gas grill. I guess that is a good place to have a nest. I mean what was that mamma bird thinking? LOL  The baby birds just hatched today!

Its ok to laugh and to say awww….

Spring is the time of year when all living things regenerate and renew.  Growth is the appropriate word. Everything about spring is interesting and visual. Even new relationships are formed during the spring season than any other time of the year. Flowers are planted, gardens are plowed and prepared, and the newness of possibilities are endless.

What do you enjoy planting or preparing during spring?

Have you already met someone new?