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Review: Book: Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the End


Are you missing the Walking Dead? Who isn’t right? Well I have your answer in this novel I found in the Lending Library in Amazon Prime. This will cure your Walking Dead withdrawals until the new season starts in the fall. šŸ™‚

I borrowed Apocalypse Z: The Beginning of the EndĀ from the Amazon Lending Library through Prime. Every moment of thisĀ bookĀ is suspenseful and rich in detail. I especially like that the author blogged the entire book.Ā  Yes, I said the ENTIRE novel is a blog. ThisĀ alone isĀ what makes the novel so interesting in itself; but add the fact the book is REALLY GOOD, just makes this an excellent read.

The author, Manel Loureiro,Ā blogs about how the zombie ‘epidemic’Ā  began and the fall of the human race. Each blogg is detailed with very little character dialoge. The main character is the blogger and he does a really REALLY good job of hooking you into what is going on in his world. The book is easy to read, well written, and you will probably want to make time to simply read the next blog. Yes,Ā  the book is THAT good.

I highly recommend this novel! A+++

If you enjoy blogging and zombies, you will enjoy this book.