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Review: Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1

I downloaded Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1 from Amazon on my Kindle about a week ago. Yep, I am already done with this book. This is a very good apocalyptic novel. There is something about the flu creating zombies that just makes sense to me. LOL If you own a Kindle, right now you can download this book for free from and read the book  yourself.


Slow Burn: Zero Day starts out with meeting the main character Zed Zane. Yea, I know the name is sorta crazy but it works for how the author (Bobby Adair) wants to introduce the main character. The name fits Zed as a misfit in his own realm of life. Zed does absolutely nothing until the flu takes over the world and he has to step-it-up just to survive.

Zed is lead from having a family lunch to being jailed for killing his step-father to being a hero for taking care of business. The main character is relatable because the situations he finds himself in are believable even though it’s a new crazy world. I like how Adair uses the flu as a “slow burn” to making them zombies. Of course, some people are immune to the flu even though they have got the virus.

The author, Bobby Adair, does a great job introducing Zed Zane from a realistic standpoint. The book is well written with a decent plot and a flowing story line. I really enjoyed the no-nonsense way Adair writes. This type of writing relates to many types of individuals whether young or old.There is nothing in this book that is too offensive even to younger readers but yet the book “hooks” you from the beginning.

My recommendation is that this is a good read if you like post apocalyptic novels of zombie eating fiends. Slow Burn: Zero Day, Book 1 is well written for a new self published author. I honestly look forward to the adventures of Zed Zane if Adair can keep it interesting.

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Review: The End – A Post Apocalyptic Novel

Kell Kell’s Rating: 4/5

The ENd

You will want to read this eBook! Especially if you like the post-apocalyptic genre. I have to be honest and say I could not stop reading The End-A Post Apocalyptic Novel. This book was interesting and I wanted to consistently read it whenever I had a free moment. Which is no small feat in my world and the book did not even have zombies in it! I borrowed The End-A Post Apocalyptic Novel from the Amazon Lending Library; which I recommend highly since you can borrow great books like this for free.

Written by G. Michael Hopf  the story line hooks you right from the start; but can be a little slow in regards to the background stories and characters. The story is about a older woman who is telling the story many years into the future; about how her father, a marine, started and fought for survival during a time when terrorists bombed (by EMP) the United States. Resulting in taking out everything electrical, computer related, and all forms of modern technology. Chapter by chapter teaches you what needs to be done (to restore any civility and how to prepare should this ever happen) immediately in the event of a complete colapse of life as we know it to be currently.

The only two negatives I can say about this book are the editing is lacking as I found many mistakes throughout the book. The second negative is the total disregard for human life. The editing can easily be forgiven as the story itself is really good, with memorable characters who are engaging and thought provoking. The killing of people makes the reader wonder if the author intended to be so, for lack of a better word, mean.  An example of this is when the marine is going out to find medical supplies for a friend whose son is dying because he is asmatic and does not have an inhaler. The marine literally shoots another man (murders him) for already having the supplies but not turning it over immediately to him.  Of course, there is more to the story as the man (before being murdered) stated he was getting the supplies for his family.

The author already has a sequel coming out at the end of August 2013 which I will purchase or borrow again. This is a new series with a lot of promise in my personal opinion.

Overall, this is a good read and worth purchasing.Enjoy!