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Review: Carrie 2013-R


Kell Kell’s Rating: 6/10

This past Saturday I went to see the new modern-day Carrie with two good friends of mine. Thank you Rob for purchasing my ticket! Wasn’t the popcorn good even though we both felt guilty afterward? There is nothing like the smell of fresh popped popcorn with the butter layered throughout. YUMMY! When asked by my friend what movie I wanted to see, I instantly chose Carrie. Why? Well, I loved the original as it’s a true horror classic. I was curious how they could remake this classic to be more modern.

Directed By: Kimberly Peirce

Written By: Stephen King (Novel) with Lawrence D. Cohen & Roberto Aguirre Sacasa (Screenplay)

Movie Time: 100 min. or 1hr 40 min.

Movie Budget: N/A

Opening Weekend: $17,000,000

To Date: $17,000,000 (As of 10/18/13)

Warning: spoiler alerts with continued reading.

Ahhhh there is nothing like a classic made into a modern version right? Well, this modern-day version of Carrie does not deliver totally. There were a lot of similarities from the original movie but there were a few definite 2013 twist’s into this remake.

One of these new twists is the anti-bullying aspect. Now while I like the new version twist, it did take away from the classic. In the original Carrie the school kids are mean and obnoxious. I expected that in this modern version. Now, there is some meanness, however, if you see the new version of Carrie you will understand they have “down played” the bullying aspect from the original.

Another twist was both the popular girl and her boyfriend were both really sympathetic to Carrie. In the older version, they are in on the plot to humiliate Carrie. The same is true with the gym teacher. In the modern version you feel bad for these characters because they are really sympathetic to Carrie and her plight. Even her prom date wanted to show Carrie the night of her life and had no evil intentions.

The visuals were very good from the original. The modern-day Carrie delivers on this aspect as the original just didn’t have the technology needed to make the movie “pop”. I really liked that the modern-day version showed why Carrie is how she is from a telekinesis standpoint. The movie even pointed this out with Carrie doing research on her newfound abilities. The graphics of Carrie stopping the car with the evil girl and her boyfriend (the ones responsible for the pig’s blood) are really good with Carrie exacting her revenge to the appropriate individuals.

The actors were believable with Julianne Moore as Carrie’s mother and Chole Grace Moretz as Carrie. In my opinion, Chole Grace Moretz was just too pretty to be the “new” Carrie. I wanted to see more of the awkwardness that was known in the original. I wanted to really feel sorry for Carrie, but with the anti-bullying aspect, I just couldn’t. Julianne Moore was believable as the crazy religious mother who tries to protect her daughter in the only way she knows how.

Bottom Line:

Overall, this was not a bad movie but this Carrie lacked something. Maybe it was because this was a remake that I was expecting it to be a lot more similar to the classic Carrie. Or maybe it was because the modern twists took away from the original. Regardless, this new modern-day Carrie is worth seeing. Especially if you’re a fan of the classic; but see this new Carrie with a fresh set of eyes.

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