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Does Decaf Have a Purpose?


Decaffeinated coffee really doesn’t have a purpose.

Sad but true.

Unless maybe you are trying to be a CoffeeLover.

Real Coffee Lovers drink hot delicious bold coffee with the normal amounts of caffeine.

Coffee Haters are probably drinking Decaf. LOL Haha! ~Me

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Coffee Art in Action

This is coffee art in action.

There is no one who would not want this cup of coffee.

Coffee Lovers understand this and would pay for this tiny cup of heaven.

Coffee Haters cannot understand the concept of  a tiny cup of heaven.

Coffee Haters need good coffee art to make he or she smile more.  ~Me


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The DarkSide of Coffee is Light!


The darkside is awesome if coffee is involved.

However, coffee is goodness and as such it is part of the light of deliciousness.

Coffee Lovers love the darkness of coffee but also know that coffee is the light of every Coffee Lover. ~Me