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Just one week eating organic-try it!



You can read the study here.

Here is more info to read here.

The reasons to eat more organic foods just got stronger. For all you nay-sayers about the cost of eating organic, think about this: What is the cost of cancer or any other serious disease? A lot of people could afford to live healthier if they simply stopped eating junk or fast foods.

The study has amazing results. In laymens terms, eating organic for one week will take chemicals out of the  body after just one week of eating anything considered “certified organic” or 80% or more organic for just one week. This kind of a study had never been done before so the results are amazing.

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Do you eat your colors?

I just love this! Do you eat your colors?

I know personally I need to eat more color.

Have a great and healthy day everyone! ~Me


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The Worse 4-Letter Word Ever!


To me this word is worse than the F-bomb. Who else hates the word diet? I mean who came up with the word diet? Where does the word come from? Is there another meaning? (Probably not) I am sure this word means RESTRICTED EATING. Ugh! To be fair I did do a little research on the word “diet” and this is what I found…

The root word of diet is diaeta (Latin) and diaita (Greek). Both names got there origin in the 14th Century with the first known use of the word “diet” in 1963.  Both the Latin and Greek versions define this word as “a manner of living” (diaeta) and “to lead one’s life” (diaita). One version of diet stated “a formal deliberative assembly of princes or estates”.  Another reference to this word is “something provided or experienced repeatedly”. Yet, the most famous use of the word diet states “food and drink regularly provided or consumed” and “the kind and amount of food prescribed for a person or animal for a special reason”.  The later parts must have been added in 1963. LOL When the model Twiggy was starting to become famous. This along with a change in pop culture regarding “lifestyle” changes where every woman wanted to be bony, stick thin like the model Twiggy. Who would have thought?

In the world today, the meaning of diet is limiting one’s intake of food to accomplish weight loss goals/desires. Personally, that word means RESTRICTIVE EATING. Yes, I capitalized those words! I much prefer the Latin and Greek meanings of  “a manner of living” and “to lead one’s life”. Both of these meanings mention nothing about food consumption. How is it that we get off changing the meaning of root words to fit something evil and negative? Sigh…

All I have to say is I do not like the word diet. You are likely to hear me refer to my life changes as making “healthier choices” and “lifestyle changes”.  Oh wait, this does mean I do understand the root word diet as a manner of living to lead ones life. Ha! Take that you evil mean person who created the RESTRICTIVE EATING word diet!

Rant Complete! 🙂

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A New Diet Plan!

 A New Plan!

This looks like a good idea right?

I can make yummy cupcakes for all my friends to make them fatter while I eat none. I get skinnier and they have to hit the gym. LOL

Maybe this is just mean, (Ya think?) but don’t we sometimes feel like this? Be honest, there are times when you wish you were the “skinnier” one or looked better or could out run them; the list could go on and on. I know I feel this way sometimes. There are times when I just want to scream because the weight is just not coming off as fast as I would like. When I get overwhelmed like this I tend to stop and rethink WHY I am feeling this way. Then I realize that I have nothing to worry about as I am simply me; and I like who I am and who I am slowly becoming.

So to all the skinny people; watch out!

I make very good cupcakes! 🙂

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Just the Word Diet…Ugh!


Are you sick of dieting?  Just the word diet makes me say…ugh! A few months back (Nov/2012) my doctor told me to stop dieting and focus on eating less, eating healthier, and exercising 3-5 days a week.  This is easier said than done! Am I right or AM I RIGHT? LOL

All three are hard to do when you’re at a friend’s birthday dinner and up comes that delicious dense chocolate cake with a candy topping. Sigh. Or when your out at a local pub and those wings are calling to you with the spicy asian sauce. Yum! Oh and don’t forget the apple flavored beer called Angry Orchard, which is so good and leaves a pleasant after taste in one’s mouth long after consumed. Sigh…

So what is a woman to do with these kinds of temptations facing her? Well, the key really is eating less. “No!” you say, “How can this be when I practically starve myself and exercise 5 hours day?”  but its true. I took a prescription drug called Phentermine for four months; and during that four months I did nothing to change my eating habits; no exercising as I absolutely HATE exercising. That little blue speckled pill helped me shed 34 lbs in four months with nothing more than eating less. This is a huge feat since I have been overweight all my adult life and most of my childhood. Yes, you heard me correctly, I ate as normal; I ate what I wanted, and when I wanted. The difference this time is that while taking the little blue speckled pill, I just didn’t want to eat as much.

The unfortunate part of taking this drug is a person cannot stay on Phentermine indefinitely. Especially if you are the type of person that would yell at someone for just looking at you wrong (high blood pressure/heavy stress load) or you have a history of heart disease, over active thyroid, and if your pregnant or nursing. See link at top of page for additional info.

Personally, I have never endorsed taking a prescription drug for anything that is not needed. But I have to say that this little pill works; I just wish it was safe enough to take for a longer period as individuals who have more than 30 lbs to lose could benefit significantly from this drug.