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Online Dating Scam: How to avoid them

Dating Scam

How do you avoid an online dating scam? There is a prevalent online dating scam where individuals steal or use, illegally, someones image(s) to make you fall in love with them online. The results of this type of scam can be devastating for the victim financially. The most impacted: 70% women 40 yrs. old plus/30% men. Women are the main targets. The current and most prevalent dating scam is the Nigerian Dating Scam.

You meet the perfect guy or girl. They say all the right things and have this endearing way that makes you feel on cloud nine. You really think you know them and they become a part of your very existence. You call them even though they are in a foreign country because what is more important true love or money? You make plans to meet and or eventually to spend your life with this person. You even make plans to relocate all in the name of true love. And of course the person you are “falling in love” with is a wealthy business person so money is of no object.

Now during the time of maybe one or two months, the love of your life, whom you have never met will tell you something like this, “I have great news! I got this new project that is going to set us up for many years. I am so excited but I have to travel to another country in order to complete the project.” or something of this caliber. Of course, you believe you have hit the jackpot because not only do you have the love of your life, you will have financial security too. You are so happy that you encourage the trip and want to be a support in any way possible.

Fast forward to the love of your life in another country. They are working hard to ensure a great future for you and maybe even the child he or she has. Then one day out of the blue you get a text or phone call from them stating they are in trouble. Their equipment did not come in and cannot clear customs; or they are hurt and in a hospital or any number of other reasons. You are the only person who can rescue them and of course, you want to help. They ask you for financial assistance; of course, this is only temporary since they will pay you back when the project is complete or whatever excuse they give. They need $5,000.00 and even though this is a hardship for you, once again you’re in love and the love of your life is in trouble; what’s money compared to this?

You clean out what little savings you have and may even call your credit card company to borrow enough funds to wire the funds to help the love of your life. This is the beginning of the never-ending cycle of you sending money. They will continue to ask for money until you have nothing left to give. When you tell them that you cannot send anymore funds they will be very upset and accuse you of not loving them enough and disappear. You are out all the money you have sent and they simply disappear. Your left with emotional heartache as well as you thought this was the love of your life.


This is the most common scam. Some men and women will spend months if not a year getting to know this person online and never really knowing if they are real or not. You wont have no clue what their agenda truly is until they ask for money. Yea, they can be pretty slick.

Best Advise:

Do not send or wire money to anyone you have never met in person. If the love of your life does not understand this, then they are not the love of your life. Get rid of them ASAP.

Do not give out credit card or bank account information to anyone. Once again if they are asking for this information and you have never met this person than you can bet its a scam to steal your money.

When meeting someone online never trust that person, even if you have talked to them for a long period of time. This is one way to protect yourself and if they are real they will respect that stance.

Do not give out personal information on social networks. I am leery of this myself since I am a public figure. It is very important that until you actually meet and get to know the person you should  keep certain parts of your life private. This includes what you share on Facebook, Google+, and any other social site that this person may also have an account with.

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Does your man or woman mention his ex a lot?


Are you dating someone who continually mentions an ex? This is a huge warning sign that he or she is not over them. Here is some helpful dating tips to see if your new man or woman is still pinning for his or her ex. To keep from overusing he and she and him and her a lot I will use the male example.

Here are some signs he is still into his ex:

1. He mentions his ex a lot. This is a sure sign he is still thinking about her. It’s ok to discuss ex’s at the appropriate times especially when you are in the ‘getting to know you’ phase as long you are both sharing. But if after 3 dates he is still talking about her, there are still unresolved feelings there.

Kell Kell’s Take on This: Can anyone say ‘red flag’? Make that a huge red flag! Time to say thank you, but no thank you. Next!

2. He compares you to her. This is a huge warning sign that he is still thinking about the ex. It is not ok for a man (or a woman) to compare you to another person. Each person is unique. So if he is comparing you to her then he’s not over her.

Kell Kell’s Take on This: Time to move on and wave bye-bye! Quickly before your self-confidence deflate’s and you want to eat a gallon of ice cream. Trust me he is not worth the aggravation.

3. He slips up and calls you by her name. This one sign is a big ‘no no’ even though we all know how goofy a person can be in this regard. But if your man is making love to you and he mentions her name, then he is definitely thinking about her and not you. This is just plain insulting. How can anyone mention someone elses name while being intimate?

Kell Kell’s Take on This: Run away as fast as you can! Don’t even worry if you leave a shoe in the process, just run.

4. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends. If a man is not talking about you and how awesome you are to everyone then he is not thinking about you. When a man is really into you he will mention you to everyone including first and foremost, his best buddies.

Kell Kell’s Take on This: Show up at one of his “buddies night out” events and dress really sexy and hot. Then introduce yourself to all his hot single friends. This will not only make him mad (or think your stalker material) but will point out you don’t need him to be introduced to his friends. Think of it as taking matters into your own hands. Plus, one of his friends could be the one for you and end up asking you out. Since he has not mentioned you to them this should not be an issue.

5. He maintains constant contact with the ex insisting that they are now only good friends. If your man is texting the ex regularly, liking her Facebook status’, calling her with ‘news’ good or otherwise in his life, then he is still pinning for her. He is maintaining contact hoping that she will eventually change her mind otherwise he would not care about her Facebook status’ or how her day is going.

Kell Kell’s Take on This: This is just plain wrong. How can anyone want to maintain communication of any form with someone who doesn’t want to be with you anymore? Not to beat a dead horse here but run and throw something at him to make your point and we’ll see if he calls you repeatedly like he does his ex.

Bottom Line:

Once its over it’s over. An individual would think a breakup is just that, but some individuals have a harder time getting over someone particularly if they were a couple for a long time; like a year or more. While breakups are not easy, its important to move forward but not at the expense of a nice person who just happens to find you attractive. Be respectful and make sure you’re really over the ex before dating someone new.

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Social Media and Blogging


Social media and blogging are like a great cup of coffee with added cream. They just blend well, especially if you know how much cream you need to begin with. Now add some ‘sugar’ (tags) and you have a ‘sweet’ new way to find your website. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to create social media accounts for your new blog using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Of course, this is just a start to effectively marketing your new website.

Social Media sites are very important in growing your blog and establishing a following. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the three that you need in the beginning. After you learn to use these media sites then you start to broaden your horizon to other networking sites like Google+, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit. There are others but they are not as popular as what I call ‘the big three’.

Here are the big three links:

Additionally, there is a  WordPress tool called the WordPress Reader. When you first sign up using WordPress as your hosting site, WordPress helps you to set this up and to start seeking out other blogging/blogger sites. Commenting and ‘liking’ other blog postings is a great way to gain followers. This is why I chose WordPress as my website home because they provide a lot of the tools to help you grow your website. Plus, WordPress makes everything easy to navigate using the control panel.

Now go create your online social presence and make sure you link them to your blog and your blog to the social media outlets. I have added 4 links for you to check out for additional info.