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Consistency is key to growing your blog!


Consistency is the key to growing your blog. Yea, I know this sounds more simple than it is but the reality is that unless you post and post often your blog will just get lost in SEO standings. This means no one will find all your awesome blog posts in Google. How do you find that balance to posting often and regularly? Read on, it’s not as hard as it seems.

The first step in consistency  is to make a regular schedule of postings. Look at your schedule currently and decide on a specified time you can write and dates that you intend to post. Consistency in posting is dependant on your regular writing schedule. Try to schedule or blog no less than once a week but shoot for two or three times a week if possible.

The second step is to adhere to a schedule. Do not deviate from the schedule until your blog is more established. Adhering to a schedule will provide more consistency for your blog.

The final step for consistency is to keep the posts simple. Blogging has to be simple for the blogger (and the your followers) or you will simply stop posting. Use humor in your blogs as people love to read short but funny posts. The average blog reader likes short and to the point but humorous posts.

These tips are merely advice to bring awesome followers to your blog.

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Amazon will take over with the Fire TV

Amazon Kindle vice president Peter Larsen TV Fire box

Before there was online shopping there was Amazon.

Before there was iPads there was the Kindle.

Amazon will rule with Fire TV!

Amazon is launching their Fire TV and if this is successful then you and I can get this great little device for around $99.00. This will definately be competitive especially where Apple TV is concerned. Google dominates right now with the the Google Chrome because of price.

This device will instantly link to Amazon’s massive library of movies and TV series.  Pair this with using Amazon Prime and Amazon has a recipe for success.


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Online Dating Scam: How to avoid them

Dating Scam

How do you avoid an online dating scam? There is a prevalent online dating scam where individuals steal or use, illegally, someones image(s) to make you fall in love with them online. The results of this type of scam can be devastating for the victim financially. The most impacted: 70% women 40 yrs. old plus/30% men. Women are the main targets. The current and most prevalent dating scam is the Nigerian Dating Scam.

You meet the perfect guy or girl. They say all the right things and have this endearing way that makes you feel on cloud nine. You really think you know them and they become a part of your very existence. You call them even though they are in a foreign country because what is more important true love or money? You make plans to meet and or eventually to spend your life with this person. You even make plans to relocate all in the name of true love. And of course the person you are “falling in love” with is a wealthy business person so money is of no object.

Now during the time of maybe one or two months, the love of your life, whom you have never met will tell you something like this, “I have great news! I got this new project that is going to set us up for many years. I am so excited but I have to travel to another country in order to complete the project.” or something of this caliber. Of course, you believe you have hit the jackpot because not only do you have the love of your life, you will have financial security too. You are so happy that you encourage the trip and want to be a support in any way possible.

Fast forward to the love of your life in another country. They are working hard to ensure a great future for you and maybe even the child he or she has. Then one day out of the blue you get a text or phone call from them stating they are in trouble. Their equipment did not come in and cannot clear customs; or they are hurt and in a hospital or any number of other reasons. You are the only person who can rescue them and of course, you want to help. They ask you for financial assistance; of course, this is only temporary since they will pay you back when the project is complete or whatever excuse they give. They need $5,000.00 and even though this is a hardship for you, once again you’re in love and the love of your life is in trouble; what’s money compared to this?

You clean out what little savings you have and may even call your credit card company to borrow enough funds to wire the funds to help the love of your life. This is the beginning of the never-ending cycle of you sending money. They will continue to ask for money until you have nothing left to give. When you tell them that you cannot send anymore funds they will be very upset and accuse you of not loving them enough and disappear. You are out all the money you have sent and they simply disappear. Your left with emotional heartache as well as you thought this was the love of your life.


This is the most common scam. Some men and women will spend months if not a year getting to know this person online and never really knowing if they are real or not. You wont have no clue what their agenda truly is until they ask for money. Yea, they can be pretty slick.

Best Advise:

Do not send or wire money to anyone you have never met in person. If the love of your life does not understand this, then they are not the love of your life. Get rid of them ASAP.

Do not give out credit card or bank account information to anyone. Once again if they are asking for this information and you have never met this person than you can bet its a scam to steal your money.

When meeting someone online never trust that person, even if you have talked to them for a long period of time. This is one way to protect yourself and if they are real they will respect that stance.

Do not give out personal information on social networks. I am leery of this myself since I am a public figure. It is very important that until you actually meet and get to know the person you should  keep certain parts of your life private. This includes what you share on Facebook, Google+, and any other social site that this person may also have an account with.

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The Blog Post: Elements of a Good Post


The elements of a good posting are very important as it gives structure to your post. Think of the elements as a hamburger. Yes, I said a hamburger. LOL The elements of a good blog post begin with an introduction of what you’re going to discuss which is the bun. This progresses to the body of the post which is the main parts, like the meat, the cheese, tomatoes, mayo etc.  Last but certainly not least is the conclusion or summary of what your main points are which helps to support the entire burger. (Yea, I know…But I couldn’t resist.)

The Introduction:

When beginning the opening paragraph focus on only 3-5 sentences that explain generally what you’re going to discuss or present to your audience. This should be concise and to the point. The opening paragraph should include the title of your post. Why is this important? Can anyone say better SEO?

The Body:

The body of a post should include everything you introduced in the opening paragraph. Try to keep your points to a maximum of 2 or 3 subtopics. If you do this than your posts will have more concise info. Now even with a diary type of blog, this still needs to be followed as it gives structure to anything you write.

Remember to limit the body to 3-5  paragraphs max. Anymore than that and you risk losing the reader. You want your audience to be able to scan your post quickly and efficiently to get the information they are seeking.

The Conclusion:

The conclusion is a wrap up of the body and introduction. Basically, you reinstate only the important parts of your post and any additional comments. The conclusion should be no more than two paragraphs of 3-5 sentences each.

In this post we discussed the introduction, the body of the post, and the conclusion or the summary. By following this easy format you will have much more organized postings. Once you get used to formating in this manner it will become second nature to write better posts.

Happy Blogging!

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Posting an Image

2013-05-07 19.01.37

You have chosen your online hosting site and have added social media outlets to your blog. Now let’s start discussing how to post interesting or awesome blogs. I am a ‘virgin blogger’ and learning myself but one of the most important things I have learned right away is to use images in each and every post.

Pictures or images are VERY important when getting an audience to check out your blog. A picture enhances your writing and makes people want to read your blog. The pic used in this blog is my own personal pic that I took of a rose. Awesome pic isn’t it?

In WordPress when you upload the image into the post, you can click on the image and add your info to link to your website only. This means that the image is only associated with your website and can be tracked as such. This is great for bloggers who like Pinterest.

Why add an image to each of your blog posting?

1.  Images strengthen your blog posting.

Every blogger wants their content to be memorable. Posting an image with your post helps keep this memorable experience in the reader’s mind. Which will make the reader return for future blog postings. This is the most important aspect since you cannot create a following if your blogs are forgettable.

2.  Images help in Search Engine Optimization or SEO standings.

All bloggers want great SEO standings with Google. Images help with these standings by linking the picture to your specific site. This makes your blog easier to find in Google search. All bloggers want to be easily found in Google; am I right or am I RIGHT?

Things to remember when using images that you find online.

Always give credit to the picture where you found the image. WordPress has Zemanta which is always bringing up links and images that you can use as reference in the post. By simply clicking on the image in Zemanta the credit is already added and put into the post. This is another reason I chose WordPress for my blogging home, they simply make everything easy.

Do not use an image that could potentially offend someone. The reason for this is self-explanatory. If you offend someone because you posted an image he or she finds offensive then they may stop following your blog or never visit your blog again. It is really important that your images be as neutral as possible.

Make sure the image fits the blog. What this means is if you’re posting about travel, ensure the image is related to traveling. If the blog is health related, ensure the image is health related.  I think you get the point on this one.

Links to “License Free” Image Use:

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Social Media and Blogging


Social media and blogging are like a great cup of coffee with added cream. They just blend well, especially if you know how much cream you need to begin with. Now add some ‘sugar’ (tags) and you have a ‘sweet’ new way to find your website. If you haven’t done so already, you will need to create social media accounts for your new blog using Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Of course, this is just a start to effectively marketing your new website.

Social Media sites are very important in growing your blog and establishing a following. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are the three that you need in the beginning. After you learn to use these media sites then you start to broaden your horizon to other networking sites like Google+, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit. There are others but they are not as popular as what I call ‘the big three’.

Here are the big three links:

Additionally, there is a  WordPress tool called the WordPress Reader. When you first sign up using WordPress as your hosting site, WordPress helps you to set this up and to start seeking out other blogging/blogger sites. Commenting and ‘liking’ other blog postings is a great way to gain followers. This is why I chose WordPress as my website home because they provide a lot of the tools to help you grow your website. Plus, WordPress makes everything easy to navigate using the control panel.

Now go create your online social presence and make sure you link them to your blog and your blog to the social media outlets. I have added 4 links for you to check out for additional info.

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Technology: PC’s are going to be Obsolete

For those of you who are enjoying your newest  Kindle, iPad, or Note, the good news is that you already have the technology of the future.  Google believes the future is in handheld devices with merging Android with Chrome.  Google will merge the two platforms to create technology that will lead the future of handhelds and tablets.

The Future of Google (and Tech): Phones and Computers Are Converging

So what does this mean for the personal home computer? Looks likes its already becoming as extinct as the dinosaurs did thousands of years ago. Technology and current social media trends have dictated this move towards portable handheld devices for the last 3-4 years. One day, out of the blue, that “comet” (Google)  will take out those big bulky PC’s just like the comet wiped out an entire species.

Personally, I believe this is going to happen in a year or two. Don’t you dare say you weren’t warned! You know who you are; you are the one’s who refuse to give up on that home PC, desktop, whatever you want to call it; who also believes owning a flip phone is still high technology. Time to retire those old mammoths and make room for a new Galaxy Note or an iPad.