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Just one week eating organic-try it!



You can read the study here.

Here is more info to read here.

The reasons to eat more organic foods just got stronger. For all you nay-sayers about the cost of eating organic, think about this: What is the cost of cancer or any other serious disease? A lot of people could afford to live healthier if they simply stopped eating junk or fast foods.

The study has amazing results. In laymens terms, eating organic for one week will take chemicals out of the  body after just one week of eating anything considered “certified organic” or 80% or more organic for just one week. This kind of a study had never been done before so the results are amazing.

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Happy 1st Anniversary to FatGirlsBlogg!


Fatgirlsblogg is now officially done with the first year! I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your constant support of the blog. This year has been a journey in both life, love (and lack thereof LOL), and (better) healthy living choices.

Over the next year, I will be changing Fatgirlsblogg for a better reader experience.

 Some of the changes will be:

  • Adding a personal email for you to contact me directly
  • Buying the .com and making Fatgirlsblogg official
  • Changing the look and feel of the blog
  • Adding pages for fictional writing and other writing material (poems, fan writings etc…)
  • The addition of videos from me personally

Once again, THANK YOU to all my readers! ~Me

FYI: Fatgirlsblogg has fans in 112 countries and growing.




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Kell Kell’s One Year Update

2013-10-22 08.40.10

November marks my one year journey for healthier living and losing weight. Yes, I have been changing things all year for the betterment of me. I have made many changes these past 12 months and thought I would share some of them with you; my friends, family, and my newest fans. I never post body pics. For me to only post body pics is huge so be NICE.

Weight Loss: I have lost a total of 60 lbs! While this is nothing new to some of you, to others this is new information. By simply eating less yet, eating whatever I wanted, I have lost weight. Here and there were days I did exercise but for the most part there has been no physical activity. Honestly, I hate exercising even though I know its one of those necessary evils. I am so proud of myself for the 60 lbs of weight loss. Maybe if I had committed to exercise the weight loss/inches lost would have been more.

Inches Lost: Inches have been lost! Yay! Around the hips I lost 7 inches. The hips being the largest part of my body. In the waist I have lost 5 inches. But you know I didn’t just measure myself right away. I measured my inches lost by how I fit into my desk chair at home. Every so often I would be sitting in that chair and I would notice it wasn’t such a tight fit. Then one day I noticed I did not even have a tight fit at all. These types of realizations let me know I am doing something right.

Diet Changes: I longer drink cola’s or fast food. I used to drink diet cola’s daily and eat out 2 times a week or more. Slowly I have stopped both of these over the course of 3-6 months. Yea, it took it awhile. Occasionally, I will have Taco Bell or McDonald’s french fries (I won’t eat their pink sludge hamburgers-YUCKO!) but it’s now a rarity and only if I really want to eat “bad”. I eat pretty clean for the most part and when I do have snacks I stick with yogurt (high protein kind) and fresh fruits. I have also went non-GMO and all organic when my budget allows.

Clothes: Everything is loose. All my jeans, shorts, sweaters, shirts, and even my bras/panties. It’s almost time to be buying all new things. That’s not so bad to think about either as I like shopping for new things. Especially if they are in a smaller size. I also noticed a bath sheet wraps completely around my body which the first day I noticed that, I was so happy I ran around naked. Just the other day I put on a shirt I wore last year this time at 60 lbs heavier and that same shirt now all the way down to below my hips and butt. It was such a good feeling to know that the small lifestyle changes worked.

Dating/Men: I am dating again. However, dating is a fickle bitch. Some men still won’t get to know me simply because of the weight and others just don’t care because they want only to play games. Regardless, this has been an interesting aspect of my life. I will say this, most of you SUCK. See a previous blog called You lie like a rug.

Are there anymore decent single men?

By the way, if you (men) can’t accept me as I am now what makes you think I will want to be with you when I am at my goal weight? I mean really? I won’t be with someone shallow or someone who does not see who I really am. I won’t change who I am simply because I have lost weight. I am still and will continue to be the same person. So If you can’t be with me now or don’t find me “attractive” then don’t come sniffing around when I have the hour-glass figure and I am at a normal weight. Be gone Satan!

2013-10-24 08.22.23

Look I have the “start” of the hour-glass shape!

New Goals:

This year I want to lose 50 lbs or more. I need to lose 110 to 120 lbs to be at or around goal weight. I think 50 lbs or more is a realistic goal and one that can be achieved easily by simply continuation of what I am currently doing.

Eating organic and non-GMO will continue even through the holidays. Eating less is now common for me as my body cannot handle a large amount of food. Yes Peeps, once you train your body to eat less, your stomach will shrink naturally. I found that I feel 10 times better than ever by not overeating.

I will try to find something I enjoy for physical activity. I just hate to exercise and have no inspiration to do so. Maybe if I had a hot hunky man to chase it would be different. Sigh….oh well. One day, I know my Prince Charming will rescue my loneliness and provide for all my personal needs. Smiling. My Prince Charming will also be healthy and encourage that everyday.

I will continue to blog and write about my experiences as a fat girl. Especially where dating and men are concerned. I think its important for people to understand that us fat girls are just like everyone else. This next year I am committed to writing a novel. Trust me, anything I write will be awesome as I am awesome! Ha!

To Sum It Up:

You know, food is really not that important anymore.

I plan to continue this new lifestyle the rest of my life.

Time and patience with yourself and your body is the key.

No more fad diets or unhealthy eating.

A worthy man is rare to find but I will find him.

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Weight Stigma


They say first impressions are lasting impressions. I agree with this for the most part. However, there is a stigma associated with being overweight or obese. That stigma is like a diamond with many facets. The main facet is that overweight or obese individuals are viewed as lower class citizen’s because they are not height/weight proportionate. I will discuss weight stigma and why this is emotionally damaging to those that struggle with weight issues.

Weight stigma is all about the first impression. When someone see’s or meets an overweight or obese person that first impression is automatically askew. Some think that this “type” of person is lazy or undisciplined in his or her eating habits when the reality could be totally the opposite. Some people have weight issues for many reasons that go beyond just not eating right or exercising enough.

A perfect example of this is me. Yep, I said ME. Until recently, I did not know why I could not lose weight. I would try diet after diet and nothing would work permanently. When I went to my doctor I found out my thyroid is the culprit. My thyroid does not work at all, which makes it nearly impossible to lose weight even though I was eating less than most skinny individuals. Should I be penalized for being obese just because I had medical issues? Should I be overlooked for a great job just because I have tried and tried to lose weight and my body just wont cooperate? Finally, should I be overlooked by a man just because of my weight even though prior to meeting me he was totally interested?WeightStigma1

I used myself as an example but the reality is weight stigma destroys an individuals emotional health. How or why we are taught this I have no clue, but this perception needs to change. In the last link provided there was a study done about this very issue and they found that obese people were even more emotionally damaged when treated different. If being fat isn’t enough lets really demean someone by treating them like second class citizens which makes them turn to food for comfort.

Bottom Line:

About a couple of weeks ago I was watching an outdoor movie with some good friends. This movie was the remake of The Wizard of Oz. I commented to my friend, “Look at Judy Garland, wasn’t she so pretty?” he nodded in agreement. Then I went on to reply, “Look at her body. Tell me what you see”. To which my friend replied, “I see a healthy, beautiful Judy Garland!” I commented with “When did the image of health and beauty change? If Judy Garland were to try out for a movie today with her size 8/10, she would not be considered for the role.” To which my friend replied, “Yep, your right Kelly”.

Weight stigma is all about the first impression.

Weight stigma is in the eye of the beholder.

It should not matter how fat or how skinny a person is…but today, for most of society, it does matter. This is because when we get right down to the big fat root of the issue, we judge. We judge by appearances and social standing. We judge by how we were raised and how we believe an individual should “look”. We judge because of peer pressure and social norms. Maybe this is or isn’t intentional but either way the individual affected is not only offended but this type of stigma destroys the individual’s emotional health and self-image.

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Distorted Beauty: The Bottom Line


There is a distorted version of beauty that not only destroys a person’s confidence but can actually destroy a person’s perception of themselves. This is so emotionally damaging to women and also to men. Why do Americans in peticular, have an ideal version of what beauty is or isn’t? I used to think I was just plain or not pretty, because I did not fit the standard image of what society thought I should be weight wise. For years, I have struggled with my weight; but this is only an outside image or the first impression of who I really am. The real beauty of me is within.

What is the ideal version of beauty? Good question eh? I asked random men what their version of beauty is and these are some of the answers I received: The ideal version of beauty is someone who is attractive physically, (no surprise there) the eyes, the smile, intelligent, giving, kind, loving, generous, and caring. Some went on to say, personality, the heart, honesty, the hair, the hands, and a willingness to assist her man.

From a womans perspective, men are a determining factor in making a woman feel beautiful. Rejection, unfaithfulness, and disloyalty from a man makes women feel like we are not pretty, skinny, or intelligent enough. Or maybe our hair is not long or short enough, or maybe we are so hurt that the personality keeps us from being loving, generous, or kind? Or maybe, and this is the crutch, we are too fat or obese or as some of you guys put it, “overly large”. Yep, this is mainly physical for guys, men cannot help this as they are visual creatures. But guess what guys, beauty fades.

From a man’s perspective, rejection from a woman can make a man feel less confident in future dating or relationship endeavors or less bold in asking a “pretty” lady out. This destroys a man self-confidence. Do you see the connection?

Why is it that men and women can’t simply see the best in each other?

Bottom Line:

Emotional health is very important to how we project ourselves to others. Because emotional health is so important, a person has to get beyond what society deems as “beautiful”.  It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you on the outside; all that matters is what you think of yourself on the inside. Knowing yourself is the key here and being ok in your own skin. If your overweight, you can change this; if your attitude needs adjustment, figure it out.

Everyday you, and men included, need to look in the mirror and state this, “I am a person of worth. I am worthy to be loved and to love. I am beautiful/handsome just as I am.”

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I Am Shrinking…Slowly!


Yes, Its true! I am finally succeeding in losing weight for the first time in my life. Since 11/15/12 I have been committed to a healthier and skinner ME. Of course, I had my doctors help for a few months (its a documented thyroid issue) but honestly, that’s all I have needed. Below is an update of whats going on 8 months after beginning this journey. By the way, I still eat whatever I want. Yes, this includes what most would consider no no’s LOL.  The key here really is portion size. Should I say it again? The key is PORTION size.


I have noticed that I am having to “down” some sizes. My bra had to go one up from the end one and all my jeans now are loose. Was able to put on a pair of shorts that I bought last year on clearance which I could not get around my hips and butt. It feels so good to be wearing them! A couple of shirts I wore last summer were almost too tight but now are loose and hang down over my lower stomach/hips. Everything I have either fits right or is loose.

Meals and Eating:

I don’t eat as much anymore. This was the hard part about taking this journey. I love food! I have learned over the last six months and with A LOT of patience, to eat within a normal range. I try to eat no less than 4 small (what can fit into the palm of my hand) meals even though I try for 5-6 meals a day. I simply cannot eat that much. I never thought I, of all people, would ever say that. I do not eat out anymore as it’s not worth the price health wise. I do not restrict myself and I have slowed my eating down quite a bit. I will say more in my food choices in another blog.

Lifestyle Changes:

I have learned to be patient with myself and my body. This is perhaps the hardest thing for anyone but more so for me. I always wanted instant weight loss. All of my life I have been overweight. One of the biggest challenges, lifestyle wise, is to simply say no when: either I just ate and am not truly hungry or simply declining desert. Friends and family are not losing weight so this is hard, but I have learned that with merely saying “no thank you” or just stating I am not hungry works for me.

Another lifestyle change is that I sleep better. I actually get more sleep and have a quality of sleep I just didn’t have 50 lbs ago. Yep, I have lost 50lbs! I also try to get no less than 6 hours sleep with 7-8 hrs being the goal.


Men are starting to take an active interest in me again. Not that they weren’t before but now its like there are more of them that want to “get to know me”. Yes, sad to say, even the married ones. Sigh, oh well thats for another blog too. My best friend, who just happens to be a male, just recently complimented me saying, “Your getting tinier!” To which I replied, “Yes I am!” LOL These kinds of compliments not only make me feel good but they also are letting me know that what I am doing is right. So guys feel free to keep the compliments coming. Women love it when men notice their weight loss!

Bottom Line:

I am doing this for the long haul which means I have to take the time to let my body adjust. After all, I did all this damage to my body over my entire life, the least I can do is let it shrink slowly while I enjoy a cupcake with extra frosting! YUM!

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Hey Fat People! You Have a Disease!


If your fat, you now have a disease. Yep its true! The American Medical Association (AMA) has determined that anyone with a BMI of 30 or higher has a disease. Wow! As if the majority of people aren’t depressed enough merely being overweight, now you have a disease. Notice I did not use the word obese as I cannot stand that word; I prefer overweight.

I have to rant about this as I am one of those that woke up one day with this “disease”. For those of you that has never had issues with weight , you will not understand why this affects approximately 80 million Americans (this includes children). Here is, as Clint Eastwood would say; the good, the bad, and the ugly of this issue.

The Good

All individuals struggling with weight issues can see his or her doctor and insurance will have to pay for any treatment weight related. This is great news when in the past weight related procedures have not been covered and patients would have to pay for expenses out of pocket.

This also means that all lines of business cannot be discriminatory against individuals who are overweight. Equivocate this to what lines of business have to adhere to for individuals with disabilities. Can anyone say lawsuit if otherwise?

The Bad

A lot of politicians and physicians endorsed the labeling because he or she owns stock in “certain” big pharma companies and wouldn’t you know it; they (big pharma) just happen to be ready to prescribe you a few new drugs to help you in your weight loss journey. I mean you have a disease and big pharma wants to “help” you achieve this by giving you drugs that will surely help you loose weight. However, because of these drugs you now have other issues. But hey, your skinny now so what does it matter that you now have permanent heart issues? (yes being sarcastic here).

The Ugly

Now we get to the ugly part. You know in the movie, this was the thief; the one who could not be trusted. Well LOL trust is the key here. The AMA believes that the people of the USA should trust their judgement in helping our country get healthier. Are you kidding me? A lot of these physicians have no experience in weight related anything let alone much of a nutritional education. Click on the links as the research has been done as to what kind of “education” physicians have when it comes to nutrition education.

Oh and don’t forget that there is a teeny tiny thing you had better pay attention too whether your skinny or fat. You will be accountable to your kids health too. Because children do not know the value of good nutrition unless taught otherwise, parents will have to ensure that their children are not overweight. I guess this means no more every other night pizza deliveries for the family or no more excuses of “I don’t have time to cook, lets just go to Micky D’s”. Don’t say you have not been warned!


To be fair, our government/physicians/big pharma are attempting to help individuals who are seriously overweight. But you can bet one if not all three are going to profit because YOU are overweight. Here is some lifestyle changes I am currently doing to lose weight safely.

1. Get rid of fast food and anything processed.

2. Eat less (only what you can fit into the palm of your hand).

3. Drink LOTS of water.


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Pound by Pound


So you know they say that you lose weight from the outside and go inward? (ex. your face, your ankles, hands, on inward with the stomach and hips being last) Well, when I measured my waist and hips, I lost 6 inches around my hips and 2 in my waist line. Just so you know I had not measured myself in quite some time as the weight was not coming off some weeks, but there was no gain either. There was no inches lost anywhere else. I find this odd as in previous times losing weight I would always lose weight/inches from the “outside in”. It seems this new path I am on has reversed that.

Every woman dreams of losing INCHES around her hips and waist FIRST. My body is finally cooperating with me in this regard! All this with NO exercise. Yep, I am still not exercising. I know I know, I need to start walking or something as this may help to escalate weight loss and inches lost. I just hate to exercise. I guess I need some motivation like a good looking  sack of man to run ahead of me. Oh! I know, he needs to be a hot hot hot, (and tall) (and rich) and the deal is if I catch him than I would get to have my way with him. LOL Now all I need is a hot dude to inspire me. ha!

Patience, Patience, Patience! The hardest thing about losing weight slowly is those weeks where only one pound or no pounds are lost; especially if you have worked hard to eat better. The key here is to be patient with your body and most importantly with yourself. I am not always patient, but I am learning to be more forgiving of my eating mistakes. That’s the hardest thing to do is to forgive yourself. This is a lifelong battle that I must win. (Actually, I intend to win the WAR in my weight!) So take that you fatty deposits and lumps of celluite!

Lifestyle Tip:  Stay away from fast food and eating out in general! Yep, that means Micky D’s or that weekly pizza delivery! I hardly ever eat out anymore as I cannot control whats in the food. However, don’t think this has stopped me from enjoying being out with friends and family when those occasions arise. I actually still eat whatever I want even when eating out. I really just can not eat a lot anymore, so more than half usually goes home with me. Eating less in general, has programed my body to accept less food (stomach shrinkage). I have saved money too by not eating out. I also watch my alcohol consumption with a limit of 1 or 2 drinks a week or none zip zero on most weeks. 🙂

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Are You Kidding Me?

pigging out1

What is up with people blogging about restricted diets? I mean seriously how can you live like that? Do you not realize that at some point you are going to “break” and just eat anything and everything that is unhealthy for you anyway? Read on for the rest of this Healthy Living rant! Oh and I have a “Bonus Rant” too! LOL

I was going through some suggested blog sites here on WordPress and two sites came up immediately. I am clicking on them thinking they would have some excellent advise on eating healthy. Instead I get these pics of what they ate on certain days. Some of these pics looked liked vomit on a plate or in a cup (smoothie) and on this peticular day that “vomit” was their treat.  Ugh! Are you kidding me? The highlight of the week for this blogger was using a carrot shredding sprial machine LOL to be added to some sort of bare assed salad that wouldn’t feed a mouse in China. I’m sorry but that wasn’t very appetizing, it was more like starvation. You know this blogger at some point is sneaking in a candy bar or over indulging in chocolate whipped creme in the coat closet. Ha!

I will be the first to admit that I do not always eat the healthiest but at least I enjoy my food and not restrict myself to the point that I would eat anything in abundance. I believe this is important as I have already proven that an individual can eat WHATEVER they want; it’s all about portion control. I have lost additional weight now by changing my eating habits to reflect smaller portions. I still enjoy chocolate cake, brownies and cookies when I desire them; I just eat smaller portions. So I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would want to restrict themselves so much so that one cannot even enjoy a decent lunch or dinner. Don’t even get me started on the “desert” they had from a greek restaurant; to which the blogger replied, “It was too good to eat more than two bites”. Really? Why not no bites? I mean wouldn’t that be the healthiest? (rolling eyes) If I was at a gourmet restaurant in Greece, I would surely enjoy the foods presented to me. Oh and that desert was so little it would not even fit in the palm of my hand. GEEZ!

Bonus Rant! LOL

Europeans (the blogger was European) think American’s are over-indulgent and spoiled. They believe American’s are rude, obnoxious, and loud. They believe we are overweight as a nation because of our lifestyle in eating fast food. Well, they are right about fast food. In their countries there is not an abundance of fast food restaurants as there is in America. Personally, I rarely eat out because I know how bad the food really is, but you won’t see me bad mouthing them. No, in fact I would say kudos’ to them for having a thinner population. But this blogger was extreme to the point that I had to click off the page. To me THAT was insulting.

Since 11/12 to current: I have lost 39 lbs by eating smaller portions of food.

I have lost inches (I don’t measure so I can’t be exact- but its 2 pant sizes)

I sleep so good that I actually feel refreshed in the morning.

Oh, and I don’t hardly exercise either.  I simply hate to exercise!

Bottom line: I think Europeans are rude, obnoxious and spoiled. I also believe they are jealous American gas is cheaper per GALLON then the price of their pathetic liters. This just means I have more $$$ in my pocket to buy me a gourmet cupcake when I want. So there! LOL

Rants complete!