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How do you know if a woman is interested in you?

How do you know if a woman is interested in you? Well, that can be the question of all questions. Am I right or am I right?  I know you guys get frustrated as us women can be fickle creatures.

A few months ago I posted a blog for women titled How do you know if a man is truly interested in you?. To date, that is the top searched blog, so I decided to create a blog for men to help them know when a woman is truly interested in them. Here are 8 signs a woman is interested in Y O U and what to look for.

1. Initial Attraction: If she is attracted to you she is smiling and maintaining eye contact. When you first meet will tell you everything you need to know guys; just let her be your focus. If a woman is attracted to you she will be smiling or laughing at everything you say and do. She will also be looking directly at you and checking you out.

Intial Attraction

What to look for: She will provide her contact info rather quickly when you first ask. This is a sure sign of interest. The key to keeping her attention focused on you is to communicate by text or calling within 24 hrs. Forget the 3 day rule as she could have moved on by then.

2. Use Humor to keep our Attention: Women love a man who can make her smile and laugh. This not only holds our attention but makes us more attracted to you. Plus, women love to laugh or smile to a sexy man we want to get to know better.

What to look for: If a woman is laughing or smiling at everything you say or do, even if you know your not funny, this is clear indication she is interested. Just think of the laugh as a mating call. Yes, I said it; a mating call.

3. Acting Indifferent: All women like a challenge. When a hot guy is interested in us we want to know it but we also want you to act “a little indifferent”. What this means is that maybe you should not be always calling or texting, or “act” like your not interested sexually. This will drive a woman crazy and will make us focus on a guy more. However, always maintain contact as a woman will move on rather quickly or another male may step-up.

What to look for: If she is texting or calling and acting a little stalkerly, this is a sure sign she is wanting your attention. This means she wants to go out and or spend time with you. Just don’t be in too much of a hurry as this will make us want you more. Yea, I know this sounds rather redundant but it works.

4. Connect with Women Emotionally: A great way to build an emotional connection with a woman is to discuss goals, future plans, values, and common interests. Being open allows for clear expectations and the potential for established trust; which in turn leads to real love. Remember though don’t discuss goals, values, and future plans on the first date because this shows true interest in a woman by waiting until the third or fourth date.

What to look for: If a woman is truly interested in getting to know you better, she will respond to you with her goals, future plans, values, and common interests. She may even have a list of these in her overly large purse, in a folder, to present to you. (Yes, some women are just thoughtful like that! LOL)

5. Women want Romance: Yea, yea I know you guys get frustrated by this aspect of dating, but women really want and need romance. Women like knowing your thinking of us when you give us flowers, or buy dinner, or even something as simple as holding our hand and walking slowly together while talking. Just remember that romance isn’t always about buying things to make us smile; sometimes all is takes is creativity in planning a special night. Plus, the best gift you could give a woman is your 100% time and attention.


What to look for: Women who like to be romanced will respond positively to your romantic gestures. She will be consistently smiling at you and will certainly reward you with a long warm hug or maybe even a kiss. You will catch her smiling a lot and lowering her eyes every time she sees you looking at her.

6. Exhibit Dominance: A man should exhibit a fair amount of dominance to a woman. This shows her your confident and tend to go after what you want. Women are more attracted to men who exhibit dominance even if your more the submissive type sexually. However, exhibiting dominance is no excuse to treat a lady abusively. There is a fine line here, but I think you get the point.

What to look for: A woman will show she likes your forwardness by letting you make ‘certain’ decisions. For instance, she will want you to plan the dates and take care of the details. Another example would be a woman letting you touch her in a non-sexual manner; like on the upper back, arms, or shoulders. Now while some women believe themselves to be dominant, deep down all women want a man to protect and care for her needs. A woman who is more dominant in her everyday life will want a man who is able to handle her and turn her into a purring kitten.

7. Women want a man who is FUN: Guys guys guys! Women want to have fun. I know this may seem like a lot of work at times but really how hard is it to exhibit some dominance in planning a great date venue. Find out what interests you both and then get creative. You could suggest something new and see if she is game. Either way, you will peak her interest as you are showing her you want to explore different avenues and the date wont be the typical dinner and movie.

What to look for: If a woman cannot wait for the next date and expressed this to you before the end of the evening; this is a clear indication she had a great time. Look for a text after the date, either the night of or the next morning regarding her great date with you.

8. Sexual Mastery: Last but certainly not least, women want a man who knows how to please her in the bedroom. Woman also like knowing a man is educated in this department. We want a skilled lover that will leave us feeling incredible until we are able to see you again.


What to look for: You will know a woman is happy in this department when she can’t get enough of being with you in this regard.  She might even drag you back into the bedroom for round two or three or four please? Come on if you’re doing this right then you know she will be thinking about you for days dreaming of the next encounter you sexy animal you.

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You lie like a rug!

Yep you suck! I waited a few days before posting this blog because I am respectful and also because I wanted to give this man a chance to apologize for his behavior. However, no apology has been forthcoming so as they say in church, “the truth will set you free”. LOL You suck and you know who you are!


I recently went to meet someone. You know the story, you meet online (who doesn’t anymore?) and I started talking to this goodlooking man (who I thought was an awesome guy). He told me he didn’t care I was a plus size girl and that size is not a factor for him nor does it determine beauty in “his eyes”. He said “beauty is truly within”. LOL right!

This man even asked for recent pics which I sent to him gladly. He told me he couldn’t wait to meet me because I was beautiful. He told me he would be setting “the bar high” and that no other man would or could compare.  LOL OK! We talked every night for hours all week and then he invited me to his place for the weekend. I accepted. I was finally excited to be meeting someone I thought was special.

When I arrived at his place I was excited. I mean after seeking for so long this might be the man for me. I was wrong! Over the course of the weekend I learned you lie like a rug. Yep, I said it, you lie like a rug!

When I showed up at his place I did not bring my stuff in and instead wanted to ensure him and I were “ok” upon meeting. I knew that if I simply just waited I would have my answer soon enough. He was happy and outgoing and said he was glad I was finally here. I told him the same and I knew then this would be a great weekend. I also stated I did not bring my stuff in until I knew he wanted me there as I knew I could simply get in my car and go home. He asked, yes ASKED, me to bring my stuff in and I did. 

Needless to say, this weekend turned out to be an eye opener for me. It finally drives home the fact that I am usually right about “certain” men being players. Yep, deny it all you want but you are a player. This man was just smoother at it because I had no idea he was not even attracted to me. It makes me cringe to think men like this exist. You SUCK!

I will not go on, as I just found out, by him personally, that he was not ever attracted to me. You see I just got through texting him where he admitted that he was not sexually attracted to me yet he sure seemed the opposite during my visit. I guess my indication should have been the standard for this “type of man” who are usually PLAYERS.

And of course, I am right. You are a player! Dating has changed, this is for sure, but why lie like the rug you are? There is a reason you are alone “Mr. I Don’t want my heart-broken”.  Duh! LOL and its laughable that you honestly think anyone of quality would stay with you being this way. You SUCK!

Yea, I am a little pissed and I have every right to be. I did not lie and I was true to everything I said and did. I do not play games and I communicate effectively. So what’s your excuse? Oh wait, you have none! You are a liar and a player. You will get exactly what you give; NOTHING. You do indeed SUCK!

Bonus Rant:

A few previous men I have dated recently contacted me. I am sick of you telling me, “I am the one that got away.”

I am responding to all of you with this, “I am not the the one who got away. I let you go.”

Good riddence!

By the way, you SUCK too!

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How do you know if a man is truly interested in you?

Red flags
Red flags (Photo credit: rvw)

How do you know if a man is truly interested in you? What are the signs? What are the red flags? Well, I have it from a reliable source; yep, the guest blogger is a man! This man is a friend of mine who is also a blogger and resides in the local Nashville Tennessee area. I asked him to guest blog on my website because I wanted a man’s perspective on spotting the signs a man is really interested in a woman. The guest blogger asked to remain anonymous for personal reasons.

Here is what he provided in regard to knowing if a man is truly interested in you….

1. You get texts or phone calls during traditional ‘date nights’.

If he’s texting you on Friday night at 9PM he’s letting you know that he’s not seeing anyone else and he’s checking to make sure that you aren’t either. In these instances, make sure that he has your complete attention. This is easier done through phone calls where the communication is instant. However, if 15 minutes lapses between his text and your response, he may take that as your with someone else, or you are just not interested in him.

man Texting

 2. Timing

If you’re the first text or phone call that he makes in the morning and the last one he sends at night, that means you’re on his mind. If you know he’s going through a stressful time at work or in his family life and he’s still keeping in steady contact with you, this means that he values you and wants your support. This is a good thing.

3. Consistency

Men that are truly interested in you will move mountains to be with you. Period. If you meet a guy and he’s extremely receptive to spending time with you one week and the next week he isn’t, that’s a HUGE red flag. It means that he’s moved on physically and mentally. Yes, there may be legitimate excuses (“My mom has been sick” or “It’s been a really tough week at work.”), but things like that should be explained to you beforehand or as soon as possible. To not do so in itself is a red flag. It means that he doesn’t think you’re important enough to keep in the loop.


4. Respecting you or your schedule. 

When you first started seeing each other, he only had eyes for you. Now, he visually molest’s every other woman without even trying to hide it from you. When you first started seeing each other, he gladly worked around your schedule so he could spend time with you. Now, he completely ignores the fact that you work 3rd shift and sleep during the day or you have to drop your kids off at daycare or you’re in the middle of furthering your education etc…This is more than a loss of interest on his part. It’s an actual loss of caring, and it’s a HUGE red flag.

Bottom Line:

When a man is interested and I mean truly interested he will text, he will call, he will want to know what you’re doing and when you’re doing it. Sounds sort of stalkerly LOL but it’s simply how it is in the realm of attraction. If he is not texting, calling, or wanting to know everything about you, he is simply not into you.

NEXT! (yelled really loud LOL)

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Workplace Romances

Workplace Romance

Have you ever wanted to date someone you know from work? Got a secret crush on a coworker? Do you ever fantasize about what it would be like to “hook up” with a coworker? Yes, yes, I know, it’s just plain hard to resist certain people. What if you now have issues with your boss because you could not resist those big boss blue eyes or the special way he or she gives you “extra” attention? Those of you who have dated in the workplace know what I am talking about. My second husband was someone I had met in the workplace.

The best advise in these circumstances is not to get involved. The reason is pure and simple. If you start dating someone you work with, and if this person is your boss, this will indeed cause issues in the work environment and potential termination at some point. If this person is merely a coworker (peer) than he or she can make your work environment a “living hell” just depending on how the affair ended.

I dated a physician and asked him if he had ever got involved with a nurse or an aide. He stated to me “Are you kidding me? No! I would never date someone I worked directly with as if the relationship “went south” that person could ruin my reputation and make working with them very difficult. Plus, patient care could be affected.” I completely understood this and agreed that dating or seeing someone you work with could impact your position and work environment.

But what about working with someone who you know is “the one”? The “one” you have been waiting for all your life and just can’t live without? I ended up marrying my workplace romance even though it ultimately ended in divorce. Plus you should know my ex husband did the right thing and left the workplace we both worked at; so if you are going to get involved with someone at work, one or the other will need to consider leaving.

Main Point & Best Advice:

Why would you get involved in the first place? In this new economy why would anyone take the chance of losing his or her job? You know who you are, but you better think long and hard about what you’re doing and IF you can live with the consequences. And for those of you that want a secret affair (sex) and nothing more…well all I have to say is I hope the sex is worth the price of losing your position. You have no one to blame but yourself.