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Men and Sexting-GEEZ!

What is up with males now-a-days? I am getting tired of your games. I mean seriously what are you up too by calling or texting me here and there wanting to maintain contact but not taking it to the next level? I think some of you have too many options. I wrote about this earlier in the year because men really do get to know more than one woman at a time. Now while I understand this concept, no matter how stupid it is, I know I make it clear that I am not about games and am looking for real love.


So what are you doing? You play games. Why?

Let’s see, a most recent example was just last week. I met a guy the weekend before last who I went out and had a nice time with. This man now texts every now and then but states to me just this past weekend he had a “guy” night planned. Really? I didn’t even know guys planned “guy nights”. Come on do you think I am stupid? A “guy night” on a Saturday night? LOL Maybe one of those “many options” was at the “guys night out” event.

So I did a little experiment with him. I decided to start texting him  all sexual on Monday. What do they call this…ummm sexting? LOL And behold all the sudden I have his attention again. Are all men this predictable? You mention sex or anything regarding great sex and all the sudden your phone is blasted with all kinds of communication. No matter how busy he was previous now he is texting like crazy. He is also all the sudden wanting to get together again. Nice. LOL

There is another guy who called me last night. Yea, the same night I was “sexting” with my newest friend. LOL I ignored his call at first until he started texting why I was not answering his call. So I called him. I asked him why he and I only communicate like once a month or there bouts. He stated to me, ” I get into moods like The Grinch, where I don’t want to talk with anyone.” Uh huh? LOL I mean you have got to be kidding me. Makes me wonder how many options you have as well, considering at 10:30pm he stated all the sudden he had to go since his mother was calling him. LOL Right! Probably one of those “options” trying to get his attention too.

I just don’t get what you guys are up too. Women like myself have options too. I guess I am more the kind of woman who wants a ONE-ON-ONE type of relationship with limited options if any at all. I prefer to save all my sexy hotness for one lucky man. Why do men feel the need to cat around? Is there any man who just wants to get to know ONE woman?


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10 Tips on dating an older woman

2013-10-05 13.45.19What is the lure of older women for younger men? Some would say this is  because older women and younger men want sex so it’s a win/win situation. Others would say that age is not a factor and when it’s right it’s right. But maybe dating a younger man makes an older woman feel youthful again. Personally, I am flattered when a younger man wants to date me as it makes me feel as young as I look and feel.

Here are 10 tips for younger men dating an older woman:

1.  Beware of treating an older women as a “Mommy”. If you’re dating an older woman it is important that you look at the relationship as any other. She is not your “mommy”. This can be demeaning to an older woman and make her walk away from you.

2.  Do not consider an older woman a “booty call”. If your only seeking great, hot sex, then you need to be upfront about this. Don’t assume that the woman you are dating will only want you for sex. Older women want quality relationships with sex as only one factor.

3.  Younger men need to pursue an older woman just like they would a younger female. Older women are not any different from a younger women in the dating sense. Sure older women are more secure in who she is and isn’t and she may also have a rockin’ career. Just treat her as any other woman when getting to know her.

4.  Always remember older women are ok being alone. There is a common misconception that older women are “desperate” or “need” a  male. Of course, this is not true in the majority of cases as older women are just more secure in most areas of her life. Look at it like an older woman prefer’s you in her life. She doesn’t need you.

5.  Communication is key to making this type of relationship work. This is perhaps the most important aspect of the older women younger man relationship. If you communicate exactly what you’re seeking in her and her in you, then everything will just flow smooth.

6.  Avoid labels. Do not refer to an older woman as a “cougar” nor should there be reference to her being a “sugar momma”. By avoiding these labels, you are respecting the relationship.

7.   Avoid discussing age unless absolutely necessary. There is no need to mention her age as an older woman is well aware of her age and how old you are.

8.  If it’s more than sex, take things slow. Sure the sex is hot but if your desire is leaning towards more of a relationship than actually date. Get to know her without the bedroom.

9.  Be Assertive when asking an older woman out. Be direct as there is nothing sexier to a woman then a man who knows what he wants.

10. Older women are from a different dating era. This is very important to me personally, as dating rules have changed. If an older woman offers to go “dutch” or pay for the meal, decline and insist that you pay. If you don’t she will automatically think your not worthy of her attention. Insist that its your pleasure to pay as this will show her you have class and can take care of her needs outside of the bedroom.

Bottom Line:

Recently I have been contacted by younger men on the MeetMe website. Yes, I am dating and seek only online since I am not into hanging out at bars. In fact, just this past weekend I went out with a 29-year-old gentlemen who stated he was “taken with me”.  I am 45 and was quite floored that a hot 6’6 29-year-old would be interested in me.

After our dinner date he wanted to get a hotel room to, and as he put it, “cuddle”. To which I laughed and stated, “Don’t you mean have great sex?” He replied, “I am not like that. I happen to find you very attractive and sexy and can control myself while cuddling.” (Yea right! LOL) Needless to say, “cuddling” with me in a hotel room was not happening…at least not that night.

While I understand the attraction of how a younger man is attracted to me as an older, hot, experienced woman, I am also careful. For me, it’s not about being alone or “needing” a man. At this point in my life I do know what I want from a man…and that is to be loved in the real sense.

As an older woman, I am beyond just wanting sex even though the lucky man will (no matter the age of the man) get his fill and then some. For me it’s about quality not the quantity. The above 10 tips are what I came up with based on the fact that the last 4 dates I have been on are all men who are in their late 20’s or early 30’s.