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I Am Shrinking…Slowly!


Yes, Its true! I am finally succeeding in losing weight for the first time in my life. Since 11/15/12 I have been committed to a healthier and skinner ME. Of course, I had my doctors help for a few months (its a documented thyroid issue) but honestly, that’s all I have needed. Below is an update of whats going on 8 months after beginning this journey. By the way, I still eat whatever I want. Yes, this includes what most would consider no no’s LOL.  The key here really is portion size. Should I say it again? The key is PORTION size.


I have noticed that I am having to “down” some sizes. My bra had to go one up from the end one and all my jeans now are loose. Was able to put on a pair of shorts that I bought last year on clearance which I could not get around my hips and butt. It feels so good to be wearing them! A couple of shirts I wore last summer were almost too tight but now are loose and hang down over my lower stomach/hips. Everything I have either fits right or is loose.

Meals and Eating:

I don’t eat as much anymore. This was the hard part about taking this journey. I love food! I have learned over the last six months and with A LOT of patience, to eat within a normal range. I try to eat no less than 4 small (what can fit into the palm of my hand) meals even though I try for 5-6 meals a day. I simply cannot eat that much. I never thought I, of all people, would ever say that. I do not eat out anymore as it’s not worth the price health wise. I do not restrict myself and I have slowed my eating down quite a bit. I will say more in my food choices in another blog.

Lifestyle Changes:

I have learned to be patient with myself and my body. This is perhaps the hardest thing for anyone but more so for me. I always wanted instant weight loss. All of my life I have been overweight. One of the biggest challenges, lifestyle wise, is to simply say no when: either I just ate and am not truly hungry or simply declining desert. Friends and family are not losing weight so this is hard, but I have learned that with merely saying “no thank you” or just stating I am not hungry works for me.

Another lifestyle change is that I sleep better. I actually get more sleep and have a quality of sleep I just didn’t have 50 lbs ago. Yep, I have lost 50lbs! I also try to get no less than 6 hours sleep with 7-8 hrs being the goal.


Men are starting to take an active interest in me again. Not that they weren’t before but now its like there are more of them that want to “get to know me”. Yes, sad to say, even the married ones. Sigh, oh well thats for another blog too. My best friend, who just happens to be a male, just recently complimented me saying, “Your getting tinier!” To which I replied, “Yes I am!” LOL These kinds of compliments not only make me feel good but they also are letting me know that what I am doing is right. So guys feel free to keep the compliments coming. Women love it when men notice their weight loss!

Bottom Line:

I am doing this for the long haul which means I have to take the time to let my body adjust. After all, I did all this damage to my body over my entire life, the least I can do is let it shrink slowly while I enjoy a cupcake with extra frosting! YUM!

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Why the Name?

2013-07-28 12.50.23

A lot of people have asked me why I named my blog, Fatgirlsblogg. In this blog, I will address why the blog name and the ultimate purpose for my writing here.

Why the name Kell?

First of all, this isn’t a weight loss journey or anything like that. However, in future blogs, good healthy living will be discussed. Oh and I have lost 36 pounds since Nov/12. You really should congratulate me. If you really, really, knew me, you would know its very hard for me to loose weight. And yes, its a thyroid (and ice cream) issue. Of course, there are days when nothing but chocolate “everything” will do and you can forget the salads or anything healthy on those days. Fatgirlsblogg is (to me anyway) hip, bold, and just plain awesome. Plus, I am a fat girl LOL I will admit this honestly. The name fits me currently and the “fun” that will be associated with this blog  (I may change the name to Thingirlsblogg one day-who knows).

The Ultimate Purpose?

To be honest, I started this blog because I am a writer. All of my life I have been told by countless writing professionals that I have a gift. The gift was never used until this point. I am going to begin a new journey in life with writing. My primary purpose is to write novels, articles, blogs, whatever interests me at the time, and to make my living doing what I highly enjoy. I am good at this, my instructors in college never gave my papers below a 100. Many of them stated I should be writing for a living. Yes, I am bragging here. 😉

Now is the time, I mean I am not getting any younger and I want to be famous before I am old; so that hot young men can fawn for me and send me love letters. Good reason right? Oh and who doesn’t want to be popular? I mean there is nothing in the world more complimentary than someone coming up to you while your grocery shopping or running errands and saying, “Are you THE Kell Kell? The one who wrote “that novel” which was made into the mega hit movie I seen last night in the theaters “?  I of course nod yes, I am humble like this. “Can I have your autograph and have this random stranger take a pic of us together?” “Sure”, I state cause I am humble like this once again, plus the dude is hot. Hey, I am female after all!

I may even be the next Stephenie Meyer but better! LOL So you better “like”  and “follow” my awesome blog now!

Oh and if you don’t want pics with me now don’t expect them when I am famous…just saying and meaning! Ha!